LUX TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

lux tx9600ts programmable thermostat
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The LUX TX9600TS echoes the modern day thermostat sentiments. Better connectivity, tighter temperature control options, and a sleek outlook. While this is a good thing, it could be a nuisance if all you need is something to turn your AC on and off. Lux seems to have read the cue.

The LUX TX9600TS is a Universal 7-Day programmable touch screen thermostat has all the nuances of modern technology but still remains true to the basic concept of a temperature controller.

The Aesthetics

With the TX9600TS, you get a classy outlook characterized by a thick white bezel around a traditional LED screen. The black on a subtle blue backlight gives it a calm yet commanding appearance that focuses on passing on the necessary information rather than distracting you with imposing sophistication.

The LUX TX9600TS thermostat is everything you would need in a programmable thermostat. It will work perfectly with over 98 percent of the HVAC systems in the United States. The most lovable thing how LUX managed to make this simple and almost retro-classic thermostat programmable. It will sit well with anyone who doesn’t want anything more than just controlling the HVAC

Two dedicated buttons to the right will control the fan and the heater. You can set the fan off or to auto while the heater is either on or off. The entire rectangular design oozes of reliability, an homage to the classic thermostat design concepts that will fit into any décor without sticking out like a sore thumb.

An ample 2.25-inch touchscreen display lets you take care of all the other configuration with ease. An uncluttered interface and straightforward programming approach make the work of setting up this programmable piece quite the breeze.

You will have the option of using two alkaline batteries if you cannot run it in AC power mode. This is common to people whose ACs don’t have a dedicated C-Wire.

Installation and First Time Configuration

The trickiest part of the procedure is knowing what wire goes where. This is so since not all furnace and fan installation will honor the color codes. The simplest way to a successful DIY installation lies in labeling each wire as it comes off your old thermostat. LUX provides a set of labels to tag the wires.

With six pictorials to guide you through, you should find semblance the moment you have finished labeling your wires. After this, all you have to do is hook up each wire letter code to the right slot in the thermostat.

TX9600TS is compatible with most of the cooling systems, from the single stage heat pumps, Aux/Emergency heat pumps, 2 or 3 wire hydronic systems and 750 millivolt systems. The thermostat will however not work on systems with two cooling stages or electric baseboard heat systems.

Features and Functionality

With a Consumer Reports’ Best Buy indicator on this, you can safely expect it to give you the service you want, not the service the manufacturer thinks you want.

This means that you won’t get that fancy multicolor display, or a Wi-Fi app to control your thermostat remotely. But this wouldn’t be a problem to people interested in thermostats that don’t complicate their lives and homes.

The LUX TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat’s main features include

  • An easy to read touch screen display with backlighting for easy night use
  • An intuitive menu with Speed Slide makes programming simpler
  • An energy use monitor to give you an idea of how you spend on air conditioning
  • User options with 2 or 4 periods in a day
  • A temporary override and manual hold for instant changes that needn’t hold
  • An air filter monitor
  • Selectable smart recovery
  • Dual power from the mains power supply or 2AA Alkaline batteries

This is quite the roster for such a simple looking smart thermostat. In my opinion, this is what makes it one of the most reliable pieces in the market for people looking for something that is clever but doesn’t necessarily look too geeky.

You can launch the basic heating and cooling by choosing COOL or HEAT on the System Mode. Tapping on the Temperature digits on the screen makes them enter edit mode (start flashing) and you can use the up and down buttons to their side to adjust the temperature.

If you are afraid of damaging your heater and fan with abrupt starts and stops, you can count on the TX9600TS’ default time delay that buys around five minutes before breaking the load-on and load-off procedures.

The temperature hold mode will help you stick to a specific temperature for as long as you please. This gives freedom to latch onto a season’s desirable temperature without having to do the adjustments on your own. Couple this with the program copy feature that lets you transfer periods from one day to another and you get a cool programmable thermostat that is actually focused on making your life easier.

Your internal sensor is impressively accurate and features an offset from the original temperature in case you notice any errors. Your Lux TX9600TS will also let you synchronize with two or more units in the house hence giving you the power to keep a tighter leash on bigger rooms. This might, however, be more expensive than Ecobee that gives you one central temperature controller and a couple of cheaper remote sensors.

The LUX TX9600TS might be an easy to install programmable thermostat but you will be in trouble if it begins popping up some errors and you don’t know how to remedy them. While the majority of the problems are addressed in the installation manual, this troubleshooting manual will put you on the right path to solving simple problems before calling in the experts.


The LUX TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat is a great solution to homeowners who want a reliable programmable thermostat but aren’t willing to tangle with the exotic features in other learning or programmable units. Installation and programming is equally easy meaning that you will rarely need a professional to get the unit up and running.

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