Nothing beats the ability to control temperature in your home from wherever you are. If I am right, you’re here because you are hunting for the best thermostat or just looking for information about the best thermostats.

You expect tons of industry terms and smart technical jargon to prove that I know what I am talking about. Well, brace yourself. I intend to disappoint you by giving simple but helpful guides on how to set up the perfect micro-climate in your home using the right thermostat and other HVAC appliances.

I’m a regular homeowner, just like you. It’s not long ago since I had to upgrade from my cheap conventional thermostat and get something fancy for my remodeled house.

After days of research, I finally found something perfect for my needs. I wouldn’t want you to go through the same trouble.

Why You Need to Buy a Thermostat

For the most part, I’m flexible enough to adapt to changes, especially those involving technology. In my opinion, the recent advancements in smart home technology are something that should be embraced. Although many of us get caught in the hype of one product to the extent that we miss the other, there are just some shifts that we must be part of –one of them is the adopting the thermostat to control your HVAC.

I have been using thermostats for over 4 years. During this time, I had switched between a couple of brands before I finally settled for the Nest learning thermostat, which is currently among the best thermostats. So why did I begin using thermostats?

Perhaps to answer this, I will start with a question. Did you know that heating and cooling systems are responsible for almost 50% of the total energy consumption in your home?

Now you know where those high bills come from! The best thermostat will give you greater control over your home’s temperature requirements helping you save a lot on energy costs in the process.

Smart thermostats in your home do more than just to control the temperature. Check out these 6 benefits of installing a smart thermostat in your home before going through my wireless thermostat reviews.

  • Makes your home eco-friendly :The first and most important reason for getting a thermostat is to save on your heating and cooling costs. Although thermostats won’t save you money directly the way switching the energy supplier will, they provide you with the ability to control the temperature anytime which will help you save money in the long-run.
  • You get to control the temperature of the house from anywhere: Are you away from home and you’ve left kids or an elderly person alone in the house? Are you still in bed and you want to make a certain room or the entire house warm? Well, no need to worry since you can easily control your thermostat via your phone!
  • They are easy to program: If you buy a programmable thermostat, you will benefit from their modern screen designs that make them very easy to use. Besides, most of them have an accompanying phone app that you’ll use to control them remotely.
  • Smart thermostats help you analyze your energy usage: Smart thermostats like Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell will track your energy usage and even send you monthly reports. Therefore, if you aren’t sure what inflates your energy costs, these reports will tell you that. Additionally, the Ecobee thermostat specifically will award you a rating based on your energy efficiency settings and usage.
  • Monitor your home: When you are away from home, you would want to see the way those you left behind are using your heating and cooling system. By using the smart thermostat app, you can easily see the temperature in your home and turn off the HVAC if it has been left on unintentionally.
  • Smart thermostats don’t cost much: Contrary to what most people think, smart thermostats won’t cost you very much. On average, you’ll only have to part with $150 to get complete control of your HVAC. It is, therefore, time you buy a smart thermostat.

How to Choose the Best Thermostat for Your Home

Contrary to what many people think, buying the best thermostat is not as simple as selecting a well-known brand or a good-looking design. I made mistakes at the beginning when I decided to buy a thermostat because of the brand instead of functionality and it was very irritating when it started giving me problems a couple of months later.

I built this site to help you choose the right thermostat that not only suits your budget but also performs as expected. Also, I don’t want you to end up facing problems like I did when I was still a newbie at buying thermostats. That’s why I have all these wireless thermostat reviews and buying guides ready for you.

Even before you think of where to buy a thermostat, you should know the exact thermostat that you need. Is it a Wi-Fi thermostat, a programmable thermostat, or a digital thermostat? To answer these sometimes confusing questions, here is a comprehensive guide to which thermostat to buy for your home.

Which Heating and Cooling System Do You Use?

Your current heating and cooling system plays a major role when it comes to choosing a thermostat for your home. You will actually come across some terms that indicate the type of heating and cooling system your thermostat will work with.

The most common are single and two-stage. Heating systems usually have additional terms –three-stage support. In this context, multiple stage support means that your heating system is more efficient and allows for a smoother operation.

Heating and cooling systems are designed in such a way that there’s only room for a system to work with multiple stages. However, there are some thermometer models that can work with up to 3 cooling functions and 4 heating functions. Also, if your heating system doesn’t allow for two-stage heating, a thermostat can help you set a secondary heat source.

Therefore, if your system allows for hot air, baseboard heat, and air conditioning, you can easily set the baseboard as a first stage and the hot air system as a second stage since your heating system is the two heat and one cool system. The best thermostat to buy for this kind of setting would be one that supports one cool and three heat sources.

Energy Conservation

This is enough reason to buy a new thermostat or replace the existing one. I bought my first thermostat because of this reason and my friend got one too to reduce energy expenses and so far, it works fine.

For this reason, I have resolved to only include the best thermostats that conserve energy on this website.

Some of these are programmable thermostats which you can program according to your schedule or the learning thermostats that learn your schedule and control your heating and cooling system based on it. There are also some advanced models that will send you an email with reports showing how much you’ve saved in energy consumption.

Choose an option that identifies with your lifestyle

If you are not always at home or have a busy schedule, you might want to program your heating a cooling system to set the room temperature to a certain level by the time you reach home or get out of bed.

Advanced thermostats, also known as the smart thermostats, will allow you to set temperatures for the whole week. Isn’t this exciting? Furthermore, more advanced thermostats will allow you to set up to 4 different temperature modes in a given day. You won’t have to touch buttons again during the whole day or week.

Do you want to control your thermostat remotely?

There are thermostats that can be controlled via a wireless internet connection, while others have to be set manually. For the latter, you must have Wi-Fi at your house for them to work as expected.

Depending on your requirements, you can either settle for a thermostat that uses Wi-Fi or one that doesn’t. To make a choice, think about your energy conservation needs and whether having the ability to switch off your AC system remotely will actually help you lower your utility bills or improve convenience.

These are some of the factors that will guide you when you want to buy a thermostat. Although this is not a complete list, I hope it is a worthy guide in your bid to get the best thermostat and conserve energy at your home.