AcuRite 01059RM Temperature and Humidity Monitor Review

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

Acurite 01059RM humidity and temperature sensorAcurite is renowned for their outstanding weather monitoring devices and theAcurite 01059RM is no exception. This smart device is your perfect choice if you are looking to measure the indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature in your home. It is accurate, easy to read, and displays graphs and other graphics in an easy to understand way in your Acurite PC or mobile app. Since accuracy and reliability matters when taking weather measurements, we recommend Acurite 01059RM for those looking to measure the humidity level and temperature both indoors and outdoors.

The Acurite 01059RM is a 3-sensor temperature and humidity monitor. This smart home environment system is designed to accurately measure the environmental conditions in and around your home. When connected to the FREE MyAcurite app for PC, Android, or iPhone, you can access all the data from wherever you are. The temperature range for this device is -40 to 158 degrees (max 70 degrees Celsius) and the temperature can be configured in either degrees or Celsius.

Wireless and Weather Resistant Sensors

The 01059RM comes in three different combinations as far as the wireless sensors are concerned; 2 indoor and 1 outdoor sensor, 3 indoor sensors, and 3 outdoor sensors or probes. You can choose any of the combinations depending on how you intend to use this device. The sensors are weather resistant and measure both temperature and humidity.

Trend Charts and Graphs

Acurite 01059RM sensorTrends are important in weather monitoring and this Acurite temperature and humidity sensor takes the notch higher by displaying all the collected data in beautiful, easy-to-understand graphs. Having this data at your disposal will help you come up with an energy-efficient setting for your home that will help conserve energy and keep the home safe for you and your family.

How to Set Up the AcuRite Aculink (Video)

To view charts and graphs on your PC, Android, or iPhone, you need to have your Acurite 01059RMconnected to the internet via an Ethernet connection. Here is how to do the entire connection:

Customizable text and Email alerts

Acurite 01059RM Monitoring appsThis Smart Home Environment monitor has an alert feature that sends texts or mails to let you know the weather conditions at your home that need attention. You can customize every aspect of these alerts. Whether you want to receive alerts when the temperature is too high, too low, or when the humidity is low or high, you can do it in a few simple steps. This helps keep your home a healthy living environment for you and your family.


  • Highly Accurate: Compared with many other brands in the weather station market, Acurite has always provides accurate data and the same can be said on the Acurite 01059RM.
  • Access Weather Reports Remotely: No matter where you are, the 01059RM uploads weather reports to MyAcurite app which can be accessed on both Android and iOS. It can also upload weather information directly to
  • Works in both degrees and Celsius


  • Slow temperature sometimes: On some occasions the unit takes a lot of time to upload temperature and humidity readings on the website. Acurite, the manufacture, claims that this mostly happens during extremely cold and hot days when the 01059RM is being used frequently by many people.


The AcuRite 01059RM is our top pick when it comes to home weather and temperature monitoring. It is beautifully designed, accurate, and can avail data remotely via the My Acurite remote monitoring app. The wireless sensors can withstand harsh weather and are durable. Although there are many cheaper apps that do display temperature and humidity, accuracy is crucial and that’s why we rate the AcuRite 01059RM highly.

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