Best Smart Thermostats That Work With Alexa (Buying Guide 2017)

(Last Updated On: September 19, 2017)

Ecobee4 smart thermostatLife isn’t comfortable without a good thermostat.

However, getting up every time to set the thermostat to a preferred temperature is inconveniencing. In fact, it takes away some of the comfort and convenience that the thermostat is supposed to provide.

Not even the learning thermostat can tell exactly what kind of temperature would be ideal for you at a particular moment. This is mostly because of the daily minor weather changes that call for adjusting the thermostat by a couple of degrees from the temperature you would normally require.

In truth, there is no real smart thermostat that can conveniently adjust to your preferences based on the indoor weather conditions. This is why you need a thermostat with voice control. And Alexa, a voice control feature by Amazon, that can be accessed through the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot is the perfect voice companion for thermostat owners.

There are other voice assistants that you can use alongside thermostats. These include the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

While there are many thermostats that can be paired with voice assistants, it becomes quite difficult to determine the best.

And if that is the reason you are here, then I am happy to tell you that I put in more than 70 hours on research and testing to determine the best thermostat to pair with Alexa. I have shared my findings here and explicitly given reasons for the rankings.

Top 8 Alexa Compatible Thermostats

The following are the best thermostats that work with Amazon Alexa:


Device NamePower ConnectionRemote Connectivity 
Ecobee4C-wire but can be bypassed by the power extender kitAndroid or iOS app Check Price
Nest Learning Thermostat C-wireAndroid or iOS app Check Price
Honeywell RTH9580WF C-wireWeb, Android or iOS app Check Price
Emerson Sensi Smart UP500W Battery-poweredWeb, Android or iOS app Check Price
Honeywell Lyric T5C-wireWeb, Android or iOS app Check Price
Emerson Sensi ST75C-wireAndroid or iOS app Check Price
Lux Products GEO-BL Battery, C-wire, Micro-USBAndroid or iOS app Check Price
Trane XR524-ZC-wireAndroid or iOS app Check Price

If you don’t have a c-wire (common wire) in your heating and cooling system yet you have set your sights on a thermostat that requires one, simply get one of these EZWire adapters or the Fast-Stat Common Maker that provide the common wire even for multiple connections!

Ecobee4 –Best Alexa Integration Technology

Ecobee4 smart thermostatThe Ecobee4 is ideal for the shopper who is looking for powerful technology, beauty, and high performance embedded into one. What’s more exciting is that you don’t need to purchase Amazon Echo when you get the Ecobee4 thermostat.

If you have used the Ecobee3 or read our review on it, then you would know how powerful it is. Ecobee4 is even more powerful than its predecessor and has Alexa embedded in it so that you can tell your thermostat to do a wide range of things.

As the first smart thermostat to have Alexa embedded in it, Ecobee4 boasts of a variety of cutting-edge features and a performance that is unrivalled in the industry at present.

You don’t need to buy the Amazon Echo! Instead, expect to gets news headlines, music, and even weather updates amount others right from your thermostat!

Just like the Ecobee3, the Ecobee4 also comes with remote room sensors. These are tiny sensors that you place in different rooms to enable the thermostat heat every room individually.

Picture this: a thermostat normally heats the whole house equally whenever it is switched on. Imagine the energy spent heating all those unoccupied rooms when you just needed heating in one room. Remote sensors eliminate this waste of energy by heating only rooms that are occupied. With this technology, you will save lots of money that could be spent on energy costs.

The main difference between the Ecobee3 and Ecobee4 is the inclusion of Alexa in the latter. However, this doesn’t mean that the Ecobee3 doesn’t work with Alexa. It does, but only if you have the Amazon Echo device, which is sold separately.


  • With Alexa embedded, you will be more than happy to save about $100 that could have been spent to purchase the Amazon echo.
  • You get to control the thermostat through voice. Besides you will enjoy other voice features like getting news updates, weather updates, sports, and so much more. You can turn Alexa on or off whenever you like.
  • With room sensors, be prepared to cut your energy costs by more than 23%.
  • Easy to set up and connect to Alexa
  • It comes with a power extender kit which eliminates the need for a C-wire if your heating systems doesn’t have one.


  • There is this blinking red light at the front-facing side of the thermostat that can’t be turned off. Although it isn’t that bright to distract your sleep, at least they could have added an option to remove it.
  • It doesn’t support all the commands like the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot. This is mostly because it is a pioneer of this integration and so I expect more commands to be added soon.

Normally, when looking for a thermostat that works with Alexa, you might have been thinking of something that only understands commands related to heating and cooling. While this describes many Alexa compatible thermostats, the Ecobee4 is in a league of its own.

If the other thermostats will follow suit remains to be seen but at present, given the benefits you will get from this feature-packed Ecobee4, it is safe to say this is the only Alexa controlled smart thermostat you will ever need.

Nest Learning Thermostat –Best Learning

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd GenIf you already have Amazon Echo, then you probably don’t need another thermostat with Alexa embedded in it. In fact, the perfect choice for you would be the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Imagine having a thermostat that you could set and forget and then occasionally adjust the temperatures through Alexa without leaving your comfort zone.

With the Nest Learning Thermostat, you have a smart learning thermostat that utilizes the power of Alexa to make your home comfortable just the way you like it.

Its incredible features, beautiful looks, and an amazing performance coupled with a voice-control make it one of the best you can get –and that’s why I rate it highly.

What I like most about the Nest is that it will learn your schedule and replicate it exactly the way you want. However, there are days where the weather might change suddenly and you would need to raise or lower the temperature. This is where Alexa comes in. No matter where you are, simply say “Alexa, lower the temperature by 1 degree” and it will do exactly that!

In addition, it can detect when you are home or away and switches on or off automatically. In fact this feature detects when you are about to get home and switches on the thermostat so by the time you enter the house, it have heated to your preferred temperature.

The main difference between the Nest thermostat and Ecobee4 is that the Nest actually learns your schedule and attempts to replicate it while the Ecobee adjusts according to a pre-entered schedule. However, the Ecobee definitely edges the Nest Learning thermostat not just because of the built-in Alexa feature, but also because of the remote sensors that allow different rooms to be heated separately only when they are occupied.


  • The Nest integrates seamlessly with Alexa and supports essential commands you would ever need in a thermostat.
  • It learns your schedule so that you wouldn’t have to adjust it at all times. This makes it way better than most programmable thermostats.
  • Has intuitive Android and IOS apps to enable remote control. You will get to know temperatures at your home even when you are away from home.
  • It is a proven energy saver that determines when you are home or not and uses the information to conserve energy.
  • It is very easy to install but can only be used if you have a c-wire


  • It is highly priced given that it comes at almost the same price as the Ecobee4 yet the Ecobee4 has Alexa embedded in it.
  • It heats all rooms evenly, even those that aren’t occupied since it doesn’t come with remote sensors..

The Nest Learning Thermostat has been a leader in the smart thermostat niche and its integration with Amazon Alexa brings a whole new level to the way we interact with smart thermostats. Although it doesn’t have remote room sensors, hopefully Nest will work to find a solution for heating and cooling each room separately. The combination of the features it provides and the voice commands provided by Alexa make it one of the best you can buy –and its quality assures you real value for money.

Honeywell RTH9580WF –Best Programmable

Honeywell RTH9580WF ThermostatThe Honeywell RTH9580WF may not get the top prize when it comes to the design.

However, with its large easily visible screen, an impressive range of features, and the amazing performance it gives when paired with Amazon’s Alexa, there is no doubt that it is the best programmable thermostat that works with Alexa.

The RTH9580WF gives you control over everything –starting with the screen color to remote monitoring and control through its Android or iPhone app. Its huge touchscreen is clearer than many high-end thermostats and enables you to see the current readings from a distance.

With it, you will enjoy advanced locking features and password protection to prevent unauthorized persons from interfering with your preferred settings.

To install this thermostat, you will need a c-wire. If you don’t understand how that works, we have created a complete c-wire guide to help you through it. In addition, you will find the thermostat manual helpful to guide you during installation.


  • At its price, this is the best thermostat under $200 that works with Alexa
  • It comes with a large easy-to-read and customizable touchscreen and you can easily change the screen color to match your home décor
  • In addition to voice control, you can control this thermostat remotely through its Android and iOS apps
  • You will get temperature alerts and reminders via the native thermostat app or though the manufacturer’s website.
  • You will enjoy features such as an advanced level fan and comfort control as well as an indoor humidity sensor


  • It requires a c-wire to install. However, you can purchase a power extender kit to draw power to the thermostat.
  • Gets some problems with its Wi-Fi connectivity. However, I haven’t seen the problem being listed on many websites online so it might just be a minor defect on my thermostat.
The Honeywell RTH9580WF is rated among the best smart thermostats in the market for plenty of reasons. It’s simplicity and ease of use make it ideal for anybody. You will also enjoy getting the current indoor and outdoor temperature readings right on the screen. When you pair it with Alexa, you can use a number of voice commands to control heating and cooling from wherever you are. Although it requires a C-wire unlike the Nest Learning thermostat, it is also equally capable of doing a great job despite coming at almost $100 cheaper than the top rated thermostats on this list.

Emerson Sensi Smart UP500W  –Best Budget Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Smart UP500W thermostatIf your budget falls just below $100 yet you are in the market for the best smart thermostat that works with Alexa, then the Emerson Sensi Smart UP500W is the most ideal pick.

It may have thicker bezels than most thermostats on this list but it does perform a good job in excellent fashion –and even better when paired with Alexa through Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

The Sensi boasts of the J.D. Power award for the Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the thermostat having been rated highly throughout the years. It may not have that beautiful glossy design like the Ecobee4 or the Nest, but Emerson made sure to compensate that with a great performance. However, this doesn’t mean that it has the worst looks that would mess your home décor.

To use Alexa, connect your UP500W to the internet, open the Alexa app, navigate to thermostats and wait until it is discovered. Tap on it and select your preferred settings. With these few simple steps, you will be ready to use voice commands on your thermostat.


  • Connecting the Emerson Sensi UP500W to Alexa is indeed simple. It also works well with voice commands.
  • You don’t need a C-wire to power this thermostat. In addition, it can work with most HVAC systems.
  • At its price, it is an excellent budget smart thermostat.
  • It comes with an Android and iOS app which enable you to have total control of the thermostat, no matter where you are.
  • It is simple to install, has a simple design and nice interface
  • You will get a precise accuracy to 1 degree


  • Getting the current readings from the thermostat to the app or webserver isn’t instant.
  • It disconnects from the Wi-Fi sometimes which is a problem that Emerson has never gotten around..
Emerson has a history of making reliable thermostats and they don’t disappoint with the Emerson Sensi Smart UP500W. Although the interface might look dated than the recent models of smart thermostats, it is clean and works exceptionally well. Its Wi-Fi connections disconnect sometimes and this spoils an otherwise incredible experience. At its price, there are not many bad things you can say about this thermostat.

Honeywell Lyric T5

Honeywell Lyric T5 thermostatLast year, I spent about $200 on the Honeywell Lyric Round. At first, it delivered a good performance but after a few months, it started turning on the heat when it was supposed to cool. I replaced the thing immediately after my electricity bills came in. This is why I was so skeptical about the Lyric T5. However, here is what I found out:

The Honeywell T5 is an improvement from the Lyric Round in design and performance. Surprisingly, it comes at almost $100 cheaper than its predecessor. Now you must be wondering what was sacrificed to make the T5 better –nothing! However, it is

It is neither the most beautiful thermostat in the market nor does it perform at the level of the top thermostats in this field, but it does outperform similar-priced competitors. It is quick to install but you have to remember that it needs a C-wire in order to work.

When paired with the Amazon Alexa, you’ll get to enjoy adjusting temperatures just by issuing voice commands. Remember the name you give your thermostat under smart devices on the Amazon Echo app since I have encountered friends who complained that this thermostat wasn’t working with Alexa only to find that they are using a different name to refer to it.


  • It understands voice commands pretty well, even if you’ve got that strong Deep South accent! Tell it to lower the temperatures to a desired setting or by a desired number of degrees and it will do exactly that in a few seconds.
  • Installation is easy and it is even easier to connect it to the Amazon Echo via its Android or iOS app. Just make sure your Wi-Fi connectivity is working well.
  • You can control the thermostat even if you are away from home
  • It has a flawless geo-fencing feature that enables it to know when you have left or coming back home. It will then know whether to turn on or off.
  • It is cheaper than most smart thermostats


  • You must have a c-wire in order to use the Lyric T5. If you don’t have one, make sure to purchase a power extender kit.
  • It doesn’t have many features for the echo, except raising and lowering the temperatures.
Emerging from the shadows of the disaster that came in the form of the Lyric Round is not easy, but the Honeywell Lyric T5 is built to do exactly that. From the design to functionality and price, it beats its predecessor in every way possible. In addition, it can be paired with Alexa to give you enhanced control while making your home smarter.

Emerson Sensi ST75

Emerson Sensi ST75The Emerson Sensi ST75 is one simple and useful thermostat that you will happily install in less than 10 minutes and take another 10 minutes to program.

While some thermostats complicate the installation process, you will get this Sensi up and running on the wall and on your phone in a few minutes. That’s not all! Pairing with Alexa is also simpler than you would think.

The look and feel of the Emerson Sensi ST75 is just awesome. The hardware is robust and durable which is a reminder of the qualities that made Emerson popular in the first place. The screen is large and with a huge display that is easy to see from across the room. This also makes it easier to see for people with eye problems.

Its intuitive display couldn’t have amounted to anything if the functionality didn’t live up to expectations. The thermostat is super simple to operate and it allows you to configure everything including the fan set up and the readings to be displayed on the screen. Besides, it has a backlit LED that makes it appear to be floating! This, among many other things, will surely make your friends ask you where you got it from!


  • You will enjoy a seamless integration with Alexa that makes it simpler for you to set, increase, or decrease the temperature any way you like through voice commands.
  • No matter where you are, you can control this thermostat without having to stop whatever you are doing by simply using the Sensi iOS or Android app or Amazon Echo.
  • Easy to install. You don’t even have to call a technician if you have a c-wire


  • At its price, it might be a bit expensive to some.
With the Emerson Sensi ST75, you are not just buying an ordinary thermostat, rather a useful addition to your smart home that will complement your Amazon Echo device. No more sacrificing your comfort just to adjust the temperature by a degree when you can easily tell Alexa to do that for you. Even more, Alexa won’t mess up your programmable temperature settings on the thermostat.

Lux Products GEO-BL –Simplicity At Its Best

Lux Producs GEO-BL thermostatIf there is one thing that makes the Lux Producs GEO-BL unique from other thermostats I have mentioned in this list, then it is the dual-mount capability.

Whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally on the wall, the readings will adjust between landscape and portrait mode to give you a wonderful experience without taking up much space or messing up your home décor.

You don’t need plenty of bells and whistles just to set your thermostat and Lux understand this better.

With an easy to operate unit and an intuitive app that lets you control your thermostat instantly, what else could you be looking for! Well, of course, integration with Alexa –which is something that the thermostat does pretty well.


  • It is easy to integrate with Amazon Alexa, however you need to use a c-wire or USB power options to enable this connection
  • It has an intuitive and user-friendly Android and iOS apps
  • Comes with an incredible three power options; battery only, system power (c-wire), or micro-USB connection. The unit itself comes with two batteries, but the micro-USB cable isn’t included.
  • Has a Geo-Fencing feature that ensures the thermostat is only on when you are around or near the house.
  • It is very easy to install and it can be mounted vertically or horizontally


  • Despite the good functionality, the whole unit in itself feels like it is made from cheap plastic.
If you have been looking for a simple rather small in size thermostat that is easy to install, won’t mess up your wall, and delivers a superb performance, then the Lux Products GEO-BL is your best choice. It is easy to set up and its app is easy to use. Pair it up with the Amazon Echo and you get to tell your thermostat what to do without moving from your comfortable position.

Trane XR524-Z  –Best for Z-Wave

Trane XR524-Z smart thermostatWhy would you invest more in a Wi-Fi controlled thermostat if you already own a Z-Wave hub and are looking to enjoy the Alexa experience in your home?

The Trane XR524-Z is your ultimate Z-Wave smart thermostat that harnesses the power of Alexa to bring you all the features of this thermostat at your fingertips.

If you thought that there is no way you are going to control your Z-Wave thermostat with Alexa, then think again. With the Trane XR524-Z, you will already have all the features you would need in a thermostat in addition to that useful Alexa integration. From a large display to a high accuracy and a seamless design, it has it all. Now all you need is the Amazon Echo or the Echo dot and your setup will be complete.


  • Easy to install and use as long as you have your z-wave hub in place and working
  • Can be easily monitored and controlled via your computer, smartphone, or even tablet
  • Easy to pair with Alexa and the voice controls work seamlessly
  • It sends periodic reminders to inform you when there is need to change the filters or do a maintenance.


  • It loses its remote connection to the smartphone app sometimes
If you are looking for an inexpensive z-wave thermostat that can be paired with multiple z-wave appliances as well as Amazon’s Alexa, the go ahead and get the Trane XR524-Z. I have come across many crap thermostats that never seemed to do the power of the Z-wave system any justice. The XR524-Z is different and surely one of the best Z-wave smart thermostats you will find. However, you should know that it requires a c-wire for it to work.

Why Should I Use Amazon Alexa

With the emergence of Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, there is a huge competition brewing up as far as voice assistants are concerned. And this brings us to the question; why choose Alexa over the Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit?

Well, it is because this voice-controlled wireless speaker from Amazon is capable of much more than its competitors. Just by using the sound of your voice, Alexa can do a lot of things such as search the web, give instant weather reports, shop online, create a to-do list, control smart home features including bulbs, appliances, and thermostats, as well as read you news and sports headlines. All this can be done without pressing any button or sacrificing your comfort.

How to connect Alexa to your thermostat

Follow these steps to connect your thermostat to Alexa:

  • Connect the Amazon Echo to your Wi-Fi
  • Ensure that the Alexa Android or iOS app is working
  • Open the app and select Smart Home which is under the menu icon
  • Wait for it to discover your smart devices
  • Select your thermostat on the device links once it has been discovered
  • Tap on continue
  • Enter your thermostat’s login details
  • Wait for the app to link with the thermostat
  • Select discover devices
  • Your thermostat should appear on the list

As simple as that, now you can use voice commands for your thermostat.

Alexa Thermostat Commands You Can Use?

Alexa understands quite a number of voice commands for controlling your thermostat. They include:

Alexa commands to check the temperature

  • Alexa, what temperature is my “thermostat name” set to?
  • Alexa, what is the temperature in the house?
  • Alexa, what’s the temperature in the “thermostat name”

To set a specific temperature

  • Alexa, set the “thermostat name” temperature to X degrees
  • Alexa, change the “thermostat name” to X degrees
  • Alexa, turn my “thermostat name” to X degrees

To increase or decrease the temperature

  • Alexa, decrease the “thermostat name” temperature
  • Alexa, increase the “thermostat name” by X degrees
  • Alexa, make my “thermostat name” warmer by X degrees
Note that X in these instructions indicates whichever number you choose to say. In case you don’t mention any number, Alexa will reduce the thermostat by 2 degrees Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius. These instructions also vary with the kind of thermostat you have. For example, if you own the Ecobee4, you can tell it to read the news, check the weather, among other things besides just adjusting the temperatures.

Pros & Cons of an Alexa Controlled Thermostats


  • It is easy to control your thermostat without having to sacrifice on your comfort.
  • It makes it easier for the elderly and visually impaired to adjust thermostats to their ideal settings.
  • You can custom-name your thermostat independently and control them through voice commands.
  • Newer models like the Ecobee4 can do way more including providing you with live weather readings as well as the news.


  • With the exception of the Ecobee4, you will have to purchase the Amazon Echo separately and the thermostat separately before pairing them.


According to research on the growth of the smart home market, it is projected that number of smart home systems will grow by 31.4 million by the end of the year. This trend has made manufacturers to focus on creating smart devices that take advantage of this growth. The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are some of these devices designed to make your smart home experience better and simpler. Once you switch to voice commands for your thermostat and other devices and enjoy all these features it has to offer, you won’t turn back.

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