Best Infrared Thermometer for Pizza Oven


If you are not a fan of using the traditional cooking thermometers, then you should consider getting an infrared one. They are perfect since they measure the temperature when you are cooking without coming into contact with the food. Some people are skeptical about them, but over the years they have proven their accuracy. If you are shopping for the best-infrared thermometer for pizza oven, you need to know the most essential aspects to check. Here is a guide that shows you some of the best and what may suit your needs.

Top Infrared Thermometer for a Pizza Oven in 2020

Fluke 64 Max Infrared Thermometer

Fluke 64 Max Infrared Thermometer, Multi-Functional, -22 to 1112 °F Range
  • Precise laser technology for more accurate and repeatable measurements
  • O temperature accuracy of up to 1 degree c or 1 percent of reading whichever is...
  • 99 data points in internal memory

If you are serious about cooking and you are looking for a thermometer that is accurate and durable then look no further. It uses laser technology that not only ensures that the readings are exact but also has internal memory. It works well not only in the kitchen but in other areas, so it is a multifunction device. It has 20:1 optics which makes it easy to read regardless of the distance and you can expect accuracy every time. Setting it up is however not easy unless you have an excellent understanding of infrared thermometers.


  • Works not only in the kitchen but also in other areas you would find it useful.
  • You can set intervals when it takes readings, so you don’t have to be present for it to work.
  • The accuracy is up to one degree or percent.


  • The instructions are vague so setup is a bit tricky.

Maverick Laser Surface Thermometer

Maverick Laser Surface Thermometer
  • Laser pointer for accurate remote temperature readings without contact from up...
  • Can be used to measure temperature in your kitchen or while cooking on your BBQ
  • LCD screen displays temperature plus battery level

This is an excellent infrared thermometer if you need something simple that works. It is quite simple to use as it reads the temperature fairly accurately for up to five feet. That makes it excellent for using with your pizza oven or even when barbecuing. It, however, works best when you are a bit close; otherwise, you will get a reading that is +/-5. It is important to note that the laser beam only acts as a pointer and not a reader.


  • Uses two AA batteries which are included.
  • The screen shows both the battery level as well as the temperature reading.
  • It works well to take the surface temperature of anything you point.


  • It is not very accurate over a long distance.

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun...
  • BETTER ACCURACY: The distance to spot ratio is 12: 1, meaning the laser grip...
  • TARGET QUICKER: Measure surface temperature ranging from -58℉ to 1022℉/...
  • ADDED FUNCTIONS: The LCD screen is backlit, also has an auto-off function to...

It is ranked as a number one seller in an infrared oven thermometer and for a good reason. Not only is it affordable but you get value for money since it is entirely accurate. It measures the temperature of surfaces and not the internal temperature. The spot ratio is 12:1 hence compared to most thermometers of its kind, it will measure correctly without forcing you to lean deep into your grill. It has an easy to read backlit LCD screen with an auto-off feature to save on battery.


  • Gives a low battery indication.
  • It measures temperature fast in about 500 milliseconds.
  • It is a multifunctional infrared thermometer.
  • Has excellent grip and accurate readings.


  • Gives different readings at different intervals.

HDE Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Digital Laser Surface Temperature Gun

HDE Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Digital Laser Surface Temperature Gun with Backlit LCD Display...
  • Versatile thermometer uses infrared technology for fast and accurate readings in...
  • Built in laser takes the guess work out of what you are taking a reading on |...
  • Digital LCD display with backlight gives clear readings in any lighting...

If you are shopping for a multipurpose thermometer that gives accurate readings, this may work for you. It provides readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It however only measures the temperature on the surface and not internal hence the laser is simply a pointer. It has an auto shut off feature which helps in saving battery life. It has a memory that collects data on similar readings.

This means you can use it for other applications like soap making, grilling, and general cooking around the kitchen.


  • It works fast in about 500 milliseconds.
  • It has an LED backlight that makes viewing more comfortable.
  • Has a low battery indicator so you can change it on time.
  • It has a spot ratio of 12:1 allowing you to get accurate readings over long distances.


  • The instructions are not helpful.

Taylor Precision Products Splash-Proof Dual Temperature Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer

Taylor Precision Products Splash-Proof Dual Temperature Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer
  • Features a thermocouple temperature range of -67°F to 626°F/-55°C to 330°C
  • Features an infrared temperature range of -67°F to 482°F/-55°C to 250°C
  • 4” stem length with 1.5mm step down probe diameter

Most infrared thermometers only give you the surface reading so if you wanted an internal reading of your food you’d have to get a different thermometer for that. This thermometer is unique since it has both applications, so you only need one device. It comes with a sharp thin stainless steel probe that makes tiny punctures in your food. It won’t be a problem if you are using it as a candy thermometer though. It gives accurate readings in both applications without affecting your cooking.


  • It is a two in one thermometer.
  • It comes in a simple thermometer pocket for safe storage.
  • The probe is thin and stainless steel, so it doesn’t affect your food.
  • It sometimes takes some time to get a reading.


  • It consumes battery fast.

Are Infrared Thermometers Good For Cooking?

Infrared thermometers are great for cooking, but they only measure the heat emitted by the food as well as surface heat for example how hot your pizza oven is. They, however, cannot tell you if your roast is done if you are looking to get it to a specific temperature.

The best thing about them is that you only have to point them in the direction of what you are measuring and they accurately give you a reading within milliseconds. You don’t have to risk getting burnt since you can always stay within a safe distance. You, however, won’t enjoy the benefits of wireless food thermometer that let you monitor temperatures from feet away via your smartphone.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Infrared Thermometer for Cooking

The following are some of the most important considerations on how to choose infrared thermometer:


The design determines how well you can hold the thermometer which in turn affects your readings. Generally, the ‘gun’ style is best since it gives you a good grip, so measuring is a breeze.

Range of Temperature

The scope needs to be high up to about 900 degrees since infrared thermometers are used where there are high temperatures. However, it depends on where exactly you use it most so if you don’t need very high temperatures you can go for one with a lower range.


Most infrared thermometers are pretty accurate; however, you should get one with an accuracy of +/-1 ideally and not more than +/-5.

Temperature Readings

Depending on what you prefer the thermometer could read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius sometimes both. Ensure that you get the correct measurement so you may not mess up your readings.

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An infrared thermometer is an excellent investment if you need something for your pizza oven or even a regular oven. Check that the thermostat you buy is recommended for cooking so as not to use up too much money on features you may never get to use. Ensure that you read reviews on infrared thermometer accuracy to ensure that you get value for your money.


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