Best Wi-Fi Thermostats – Buying Guide


Wireless thermostats offer great control and flexibility to homeowners who are always away from home. In my opinion, a smart Wi-Fi thermostat sits at the very top of the ladder. The best Wi-Fi thermostat must be both innovative and easy to use, both in person and remotely over the internet.

Since most of the users want something they can control from miles away, Wireless and subsequent over the web control is better than simple Bluetooth or Infrared remote control that will only work when you are around the house.

Well, let’s face it. Finding the best Wi-Fi thermostat could be hectic. You will have to go through tons of reviews and recommendations before figuring things out. I know how overwhelming this can be. I have been there before.

Even though my thermostat hunt led me to the innovative and powerful Nest, I have taken the liberty of listing what I found out. What I, and expert wireless thermostat reviews from reputable sources like and believe to be the best.

Top 5 Wi-Fi Thermostats – Editor’s Pick

1. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

The Nest learning thermostat is undeniably one of the most best Wireless thermostat versions in the smart thermostat arena. With its small form design centering about the old knob-like controller and a small but powerful digital display, the Nest claims its well-deserved position as the best in the market. The third generation nest goes a step ahead to add artificial intelligence that lets it learn your schedule. You don’t have to program anything. Just change temperature when you need to and the thermostat will create a schedule out of that.

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2. Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Ecobee 3 Wireless thermostat is all about home automation. It is part of the proliferating internet of things that seeks to automate everything in our life by creating a network of sensors and actuators that will take control of all those mundane tasks.  You will also get more sensitivity with the remote Wi-Fi sensors. This lets one Ecobee3 to control the temperatures in multiple rooms better. No more multiple thermostats in big houses. Let the Ecobee take charge of the entire house better and faster.

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3. Honeywell Touchscreen Wi-Fi Thermostat (RTH9580WF)

This Honeywell Wi-Fi Color Touchscreen Thermostat (RTH9580WF) has an impressive touchscreen that will be appealing to anyone who wants to control their smart thermostat in person. This seals its position as one of the best thermostat options this year. You can access all the settings and programming functionality without necessarily launching the Wireless apps. This coupled with hairpin sensitivity and tons of additional information like humidity and a five-day weather forecast will help you modify your HVAC settings better and faster.

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4. White-Rodgers Emerson Sensi

The Emerson Sensi is an epitome of simplicity bundled with a toned-down blend of all that overwhelming modern day technology. White-Rodgers managed to create a simple and minimalistic thermostat and hide it behind a traditional and well-understood interface that has been characteristic of most Emerson White-Rodgers thermostats. The Sensi even features a smart geofencing control but it is simple enough for anyone, from my grandma my young nephew who is all about smart and automation. The simplicity and usability earns it a spot as one of the best Wi-Fi thermostat options.

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5. Nest Thermostat 2nd Generation

The Nest 2nd generation is as impressive as the 3rd generation Nest. You will only miss the learning aspect and lose some screen size. The second generation Nest has a smaller screen but the overall thermostat size is the same to the 3rd generation. It’s overall performance coupled with the strong support from Nest Labs makes it a worthy contender to the top five list.

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While the above might be the best WiFi thermostats, constant innovations and improvements will always keep the answer to the big question shifting precariously. What is the best wifi thermostat? Well. That depends on what you want in your thermostat, your HVAC system and its needs and most importantly for how long you want to keep your new Wi-Fi thermostat running.

Why Buy a Wi-Fi Thermostat in the First Place?

The best wifi thermostat for your home will cut you some slack, saving you the pain of having to handle all your temperature controls on the wall. While a good programmable thermostat might still make do with a single programming for the season, most people love wifi thermostats due to the fact that you can control your temperature settings on the fly – as long as the thermostat is connected to the internet through wifi.

Better mobile app and web app control

If you are ever on the move, you know how painful it is to come back home to a cold house or to burn electricity and gas heating or cooling an unoccupied house. While a thermostat with occupant sensors might solve the latter, nothing gives you remote control over your HVAC that the best wifi thermostat that is hooked up to the web.

Such thermostats will let you begin heating or cooling the house when you are minutes from home or let you power down the HVAC in case your one-day business trip turns into a long weekend. In addition to this, most wifi thermostats will send data to a more powerful app running on a server or a mobile device hence allowing for better reporting and scheduling that is crucial in home automation.

Better energy saving

A programmable thermostat will let you vary the heating and cooling schedules in a week hence giving you some control over your utility bill. A programmable wifi thermostat with access to weather broadcasts and heating or cooling histories will have more information to work with when optimizing your power consumption.

The best wifi thermostat for home, workplace or warehouse not only gives you remote control powers but also lets you look into comprehensive energy consumption reports that you can use to optimize your daily programming and bring down your utility bills without compromising on comfort.

Better chance at making the thermostat part of home automation

With the internet of things pushing home automation into an interesting realm, it is always wise to get a thermostat that can be part of the revolution. Heating and cooling is an integral part of the house that could benefit from other automation solutions like fan and window controllers.

Think of a wireless thermostat that is compatible with Amazon Echo. Or one that can accept conditional control input from a home automation controller. Such a system could keep the HVAC’s cooling low and open automatic windows to let in the breeze instead of pushing your system to the fullest to attain preferred temperatures.

How to Choose the Best Wifi Thermostat

Choosing the right wireless programmable thermostat is a matter of balancing features, cost, and reliability. The top questions you should answer before making the call include:

How sophisticated do I want my thermostat to be?

Some thermostats like the Ecobee and Nest thermostat are quite impressive and tech savvy. Even though they are great wifi thermostats, they won’t be the perfect solution if you are looking for something simple and with a wireless connection. The Honeywell VisionPro 8000 thermostats would be a better idea. Know how sophisticated you are willing to go and shop within those lines.

How much I’m I willing to spend?

Your budget will always limit your purchasing capabilities. Nonetheless, you should always go for something that gives you the perfect balance between features and cost before making the purchase. Our wireless thermostat comparison table will give you a relative price glance at the different thermostats you could buy and the features each thermostat packs.

Will I be moving or selling the house soon?

If you are living in a rental apartment or in a house you intend to sell soon, it is always wise to stick to a presentable conventional wireless thermostat that will be welcomed by your next buyer or the landlord when you move. If you are replacing a working thermostat, you can always buy whatever you please and replace it with the standard thermostat as you move. In such cases, you will want solid and traditional looking units from Honeywell or Trane to keep the natural appeal.

Not every wireless thermostat has all the fancy wifi, mobile app or online control features. While some thermostats might use geolocation to either turn up the heating or cooling, others will just let you set a specific reading using your wireless connection. Explore all the thermostat reviews and understand each features before settling for what you are willing to pay for.

Do You Want to DIY or Hire a Pro?

Some thermostats are designed for DIY installation while others offer a robust look, mainstream installation, better flexibility and a certain degree of complexity. If you want to install the thermostat on your own, go for simpler DIY friendly units and ensure that they are compatible with your current HVAC system control wiring. Otherwise, you can purchase contractor approved thermostats and have a pro come hook it up for you the right way.