BRAEBURN 7320 Universal Smart Thermostat – Reasons for Buying It

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

The Braeburn 7320 Universal Smart Thermostat is a handy gadget especially if you want to automate temperature adjustment capabilities at your home. Start by finding out how to set this thermostat model. Armed with the information, installing and configuring the settings will be easy.

In turn, the smart thermostat will perform the set functions seamlessly and automatically. The programmable feature allows the user to adjust the temperature and let the thermostat adjust the temperature values based on the weather condition or time (day or night).

The ability to program this smart thermostat allows it to learn your schedule. After a period of learning, you can rest assured of a reliable and automatic of heat control system with your minimal input. Besides the programmable feature of the 7320, the thermostat has a useful mobile app for additional remote controls. You can also use the app to generate energy usage reports, which are helpful in informing you how to heat and cool your house in the future.

The Blue Link Smart Connect App

As mentioned, this thermostat from Braeburn Systems has a mobile application for both Android and iOS users. The app, Blue Link Smart Connect, forms the bridge between the installed thermostat and the different interactive control features. However, before you take full advantage of the controls, you will need to understand the following aspects of the app.

  • Registration steps
  • Available features
  • SmartData reports
  • Program Scheduling
  • Setting up thermostat alerts

The above aspects are simple to go through and understand. To get started, a user needs to download and install the app. Afterward, the registration steps will be straightforward with helpful prompts. The next step after successful registration will require you to connect to your wireless network by filling in the network name and password.bluelink app

Exploring the available features of the app should be the easy part after you complete the registration and network connection steps. Besides the fact that the features are straightforward, exploring them for a few hours will help you find it easy to generate smart reports, schedule thermostat activities, and set alerts.

Based on what the Blue Link Smart Connect App offers, it is clear that it is an integral part of the Braeburn 7320’s functioning. Through the use of the app, homeowners can take full advantage of the thermostat’s features. Just like in other reliable smart thermostats, the features it offers should suffice your needs in achieving a smart home regarding the heating and cooling of your house.

Braeburn 7320 Universal Thermostat Features

  • The Braeburn 7320’s Smart Wi-Fi feature ensures that there is always a stable connection between the thermostat and your network provided you are in the desired range.
  • Programmable: the gadget can be adjusted to fit the user’s desire. Its programmable feature can be set up for seven days to five to two days or just leave it with its factory or default settings.
  • Touch screen: the display is large enough covering 6.5 sq. and has good lighting for visibility.
  • Wireless or wired remote sensing: the sensor that feels the changes in temperature can be wired or cordless depending on your preference.


  • Braeburn 7320 Smart Universal thermostat automates the function of temperature adjust and saves you time and energy that you could have otherwise wasted by manually changing every time.
  • The programming features allow the thermostat to learn from your trends hence adjusting automatically towards your preferred state.


  • Are affected by barriers and impurities that pose the risk of inaccurate readings and outcomes.
  • Might be complicated for the first time user to operate.



Home automation is the future and an increasing number of homeowners are embracing the idea. Thankfully, the Braeburn 7320 offers a decent choice to start off the process of transforming your house into a smart home. The 7320 model can learn your trends for a smooth temperature adjusting at all times.


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