Ecobee 4 How to and Troubleshooting Guide

Ecobee 4 How to and Troubleshooting Guide

If you own an ecobee 4 thermostat, you may occasionally face hiccups that need quick fixes. In this article, we try to diagnose and offer solutions to your thermostat issues ranging from set up or just hardware malfunction.

How to change time on ecobee 4

You can configure the time to use a 12 or 24-hour format. Usually, the current date and time are programmed during the initial setup and automatically from the Internet. If you need to adjust the data and time, log in to your personalized web portal.

Adjusting the time format:

  • Select Main Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Date & time
  • Select Time format.
  • Touch 12 hr. or 24 hr.

Adjusting time format Via the Web Portal:

  • Select Settings.
  • Choose Time.
  • Select 12 Hour or 24 Hour.

How to reset ecobee 4

Resetting your schedule and preferences erases your current schedule, in addition to any preference settings such as date and time, location, hold action, temperature range. However, the thermostat memory remembers configuration and your ecobee account is kept intact without any deletion.

How to reset schedule

  • Go to MAIN MENU
  • Select SETTINGS
  • Choose RESET

Resetting registration automatically deletes your ecobee 4 account. Changing the email address linked to your ecobee account involves resetting registration to re-register with your new email address and password. However, Resetting registration will not erase your equipment configuration, schedule, or preferences.

How to reset registration

  • Go to MAIN MENU
  • Select SETTINGS
  • Choose RESET

How to Reset All

You can opt to Reset All,” however, all your ecobee information will erase and returned to factory settings such as your ecobee account, schedule, preferences, and equipment configuration. The procedure allows you to set up your ecobee afresh.

On your thermostat

  • Go to MAIN MENU
  • Choose SETTINGS
  • Select  RESET
  • Choose RESET ALL

How to adjust ecobee 4 display brightness

You can customize the brightness of your ecobee thermostat’s screen configuring both the active and standby screens independently.

  • Select Menu
  • Go to Settings
  • Select   Preferences.
  • Select Screen brightness.
  • Adjust the values of the Active and Standby screen brightness.
  • Select Screen sleeps when I sleep if you want to make the screen blank during the Sleep activity period.

Why won’t my ecobee 4 turn on?

The most obvious causes of your thermostat not turning on are power-related issues.

Your power wire isn’t well-connected power wire

Apart from ecobee3, the power R/Rc/Rh wire needs to be connected to the RC terminal to power on the thermostat.

If all or any of the wires aren’t properly inserted into the terminal blocks, your thermostat is unlikely to power on. Give the wires a gentle tug to confirm the connection. Make sure the lever on the side is down indicating properly secured wires.

You lack a C wire

The ecobee requires a C wire which connects to the thermostat C terminal to power it on. Its absence can be the cause of your thermostat not powering on. Alternatively, if you lack a C wire, use spare wires from your thermostat bundles(R, G, Y). Connect the C terminal on your HVAC control board first before using it as your C.

In case you can’t locate the C terminal on your control board you would have to contact the manufacturer support.

Install the Power Extender Kit (PEK)

If you’ve installed the PEK extender kit verify how the connections are made. Such as

  • R wire >> RC terminal
  • G wire >> C terminal
  • W wire >> W1 terminal
  • Y wire >> PEK terminal

If you’ve installed the PEK, the C wire coming off the PEK must be connected to the C terminal on the HVAC control board.

Your ecobee hasn’t been properly placed on the backplate

Thermostat wires may prevent the ecobee from properly connecting to the backplate and cause the thermostat not to power on.

Push back your thermostat wires to allow the thermostat pins to insert completely into the backplate.

Confirm if the thermostat has been fully inserted, there are no spaces between the thermostat and the backplate. Check for an audible click when the ecobee firmly connects to the backplate.

Voltage issues

Voltage-related may be causing your thermostat not to power especially if your wiring is just perfect. Use a voltmeter; test for voltage between the RC and C wires at the ecobee. A voltage below 24VAC cannot power the thermostat. If your thermostat was working fine, a sudden black screen usually indicates low voltage going to the thermostat. Also ecobee draws power from the furnace, therefore disruptions to this power source result in thermostat power loss.

  • Ensure that the power is turned on from the circuit breaker
  • Ensure the cover panel of the furnace is closed properly since certain furnaces have a safety switch which cuts off power if the equipment cover panel is not properly shut.

A green flash on the light bar to indicate that there is 24VAC power to the thermostat. If it makes this indication and still your thermostat doesn’t power on, then there may be other underlying issues.

A tripped circuit

Check your breaker box to ensure that the circuit powering the furnace isn’t tripped. If it is, turn it back on to restore power to the furnace and the ecobee should power back on.

A blown fuse on the furnace control board

Go to the panel on your furnace, open it to expose the control panel where your ecobee thermostat wires are connected. There is a purple 3 or an orange 5 amp fuse on the board. Confirm if the fuse is intact. If your fuse is blown, replace it. Your ecobee should power back on.

A tripped float switch

A tripped float switch brings about rebooting during a call for cooling resulting in a loss of power completely. Confirm if there is an excess of water or blockage causing your float switch/condensation pump/drip pan (located at the furnace) to trip.

How to set up ecobee 4 to work with Android phone

Use the ecobee app for a convenient way of accessing your device from anywhere a convenient way. Download the ecobee app to your mobile device and register your thermostat to an ecobee account from Apple store or Google Play Store

You can register ecobee using the mobile app or web portal; however, you have to register your ecobee first.

You can log into the app using your ecobee user ID (the email address you used to register your thermostat) and password.
Ecobee 4 doesn’t appear in select devices list when creating a routine (how to fix

If your Switch+ does not show up under the list of My Devices, ask Alexa to discover your device> by saying “Alexa, Discover my devices.”

How to assign a name to an ecobee thermostat

  • Go to MAIN MENU
  • Select SETTINGS
  • Tap “Thermostat Name”
  • To assign a name to a Switch+, open the ecobee app,
  • Select your Switch+ from the My Devices list,
  • Tap the Main Menu icon in the bottom left,
  • Tap “Device Info” and then “Device Name”
  • Ensure your ecobee devices have all been named,

How to set fan to auto on my ecobee 4

During Auto mode, the fan engages on calls for heating/cooling, or to meet the fan minimum on time. Here is how to go about it.

  • Go to MAIN MENU
  • Select SETTINGS

The amount of time after a call for heating or cooling that the fan will continue to run is set to Auto by default. Therefore, the furnace will decide when to disengage the fan after a heating or cooling call. The furnace may continue to run the fan for several minutes after a call for heating or cooling to expel any hot or cold air remaining in the ducts. This option is only accessible via the thermostat interface. Neither the mobile apps or web portal provide access to adjust this option

How many sensors can you connect to ecobee 4

Ecobee rooms sensors are considered additional accessories to pair with your ecobee smart thermostat. They allow the thermostat to know the temperature in different rooms in addition to this there are numerous motion sensors. The maximum number of sensors the ecobee can connect to is 32. The base unit usually centrally located itself is a sensor, while you are given one extra remote sensor. However, you can buy extra pair of sensors as per your home needs.

How to enable daylight savings on ecobee 4

The time zone determines system adjustments for daylight savings time. You can enable or disable daylight savings adjustments.

  • Set the current date and time,
  • Select either a 12-hour or 24-hour time format,
  • Select your timezone,
  • Choose enable or disable Daylight Savings Time.
  • If you are connected to Wi-Fi, time and date are programmed automatically.
  • How to program ecobee 4 for humidity Low/High Humidity Alert: Sets the percentage of relative humidity at which your ecobee4 will generate a Low/High Humidity Alert.AC Overcool Max helps reduce excessive humidity even without dehumidifier installed. It decreases the humidity level in your home by running your cooling beyond your comfort setting.
    • Go to MAIN MENU
    • Select SETTINGS
    • Select THRESHOLDS
    This threshold setting can be accessed and configured by going to the desired humidifying point:
    • Go to MAIN MENU
    • Select SYSTEM
    • Select ENABLE
    Select your preferred humidity level. These are the few guideline and troubleshooting for your ecobee thermostat. If the problems persist you can contact support or consult your user manual.