Emerson 1F83C-11PR Thermostat Review

Emerson 1F83C-11PR Thermostat
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The Best Conventional Thermostat for Your Home AC

Sometimes, all you need is a conventional thermostat that just gets the job done. No thermostat seems to ‘understand’ this better than Emerson White-Rodgers. The Emerson 1F83C-11PR is a conventional thermostat that will work with a variety of air conditioning system and also gives you the power to choose between programming the thermostat or just taking manual charge of your temperature. You won’t have to fiddle with Wi-Fi settings or worry about a proximity sensor that goes off a little too often.

Emerson White-Rodgers has long held its own in designing simple thermostats that are highly reliable no matter how you choose to control them. With this thermostat from the 80 series, you get the fun or shifting the temperatures up or down as you please or just configuring a fixed temperature.

Conventional thermostats put you in manual control over the temperatures. Yes you cans till program it but the thermostat focuses on letting your dial up or down the temperatures, turn on or off the fan using straightforward controls. They’re perfect for the old school guys who just want the best working thermostat.

There are no touch screens to confuse you. It all happens in the simple physical buttons carefully placed on the otherwise smooth surface.

Emerson gives you that tradition clear display with black digits and a cool backlight that makes it easy to use in the dark without making it too glaring. You can switch on the backlight whenever you please using the dedicated backlight button.

You won’t have to worry about running a C-Wire as the thermostat runs on 2AA batteries that are bound to stay around for longer since you don’t have that fancy but power-hungry Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Emerson 1F83C-11PR can still benefit from a C-Wire. If your former thermostat had one, go ahead and hook it up. Good AA batteries can last a year or more, but the C-Wire will keep the thermostat working throughout hence no maintenance hassles.

By giving it simple terminal block connections and an optional hard-wire power source, Emerson White Rodgers made this conventional thermostat one of the best and most convenient tool to anyone one who wants to lead a simple manual life.

Who Needs the Emerson 1F83C-11PR?

Well, I know this has been your question all along. Who on earth would leave all the other programmable and intelligent thermostats on my website and go for this artifact? Well, that’s exactly what I thought when I came across the Emerson 80 series thermostats. I disregarded them and labeled them as junk – until the day my grandma told me to get her a sensible thermostat that isn’t as stupid as the one in my house (I use a Nest.)

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences in a thermostat. I finally realized the essence of the Emerson non-programmable thermostats like this Emerson 1F83C-11PR in the market.

Here are some occasions when you might need one (you don’t have to be my grandma’s age mate to need such a thermostat)

  • When you want something that just works and you aren’t willing to pay more for learning or touchscreen Wi-Fi thermostat
  • If you are to install the thermostat in a house without Wi-Fi and don’t see the need to create a Wi-Fi network in the first place
  • If all you want is a simple thermostat that is straightforward and easy to use at all times
  • When running an old AC system that has compatibility issues with the modern smart thermostats and is not at liberty of changing the AC system


The Emerson 1F83C-11PR offers a perfect solution to anyone who is not ready to move on to smart thermostats. It is digital, so you will have all the efficiency and benefits of running a digital thermostat but its simple controls, and concept will make you feel like you are still managing that manual thermostat from the yesteryears.

This isn’t your thermostat if you are thinking of remote control. The fact that it has no wireless connectivity means that you can’t use a mobile app or a home automation hub to control the thermostat.

The robust compatibility with most of the old HVAC systems cements its position as a conventional thermostat, and the price tag makes it a good buy for people who aren’t willing to spend more than it’s necessary for any installation.

If you still aren’t decided, you can check out our comparison table or the top picks list on our home page. This will help you understand the different thermostat models in the market while teaching you how to choose the very best for your needs. Otherwise, you can buy the Emerson White-Rodgers thermostat on Amazon

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