Emerson F145RF-1600 – Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor Worth Trying

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2017)

Emerson F145RF-1600Emerson’s F145RF-1600 Wireless Remote Sensor works with the Emerson BLUE Wireless Easy Install Universal Wireless Thermostat System. This thermostat system setup can use up to four Wireless Remote Sensors thus enabling the Emerson Blue wireless thermostat to cool and heat the hot and cold spots in your home, respectively.

The number of available remote sensors on the market is mind boggling. As such, your decision to buy the F145RF from Amazon, eBay, or Walmart will largely depend on what it offers.

Two Main Features of the Emerson F145RF-1600

Before delving into the features, it is worth understanding how remote sensors operate. These devices control the temperatures of a room according to the existing temperatures and occupancy of the room.The Emerson F145RF-1600 is a good sensor pick especially because of the fine controls it boasts. Its features are tailored made to ensure you get nothing but quality, this device coordinates with the thermostat to ensure that your room is heated and comfortable.

The Emerson F145RF-1600 is a good sensor pick especially because of the fine controls it boasts. Its features are tailored made to ensure you get nothing but quality. After installation, this device can coordinate the connected thermostats to ensure that your room is well heated and comfortable.


Emerson F145RF-1600 sensors configuration is not only easy but also convenient. One remote sensor can easily be configured for indoor or outdoor use and still work seamlessly.

Up to Four Wireless Remote Sensors

Although small, residential HVAC systems can use multiple remote sensors to boost efficiency. Having said so, this Emerson sensor can incorporate up to four wireless remote sensors in a single thermostat system. With such a setup, your home heating and cooling setup will perform per your expectation.


  • Cost effective. Emerson F145RF-1600 sensor is a pocket-friendly device when compared to other sensors. The market price for this product is relatively low. At the same time, you can have the sensor delivered to your doorsteps at no charge.
  • Installing and pairing this Emerson remote sensor is easy
  • Very handy/resourceful in capturing accurate indoor and outdoor weather conditions if properly installed.


  • Synchronization problem: The most notable issue that many F145RF-1600 users face is its frequent failure to synchronize details with the main circuit board. More often than not, the sensors fail to synchronize with the main board hence prompting the need to call in an expert.


Extreme weather conditions are a health hazard to any living spaces. Whereas thermostat devices are handy in accomplishing this task, their counterpart sensor devices are equally important. In that regard, the incorporation of the Emerson F145RF-1600 is a worthy option.

This sensor can coordinate both indoor or outdoor temperature controls to deliver a comfortable living space. Further, the simple steps for installing the sensor is an added bargain for considering it.

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