Emerson Sensi Thermostat Review

The Emerson Sensi thermostat is one of its kind. Yes, you can control it over Wi-Fi and you can key in a seven-day schedule. But something seems and feels different in a good way. Maybe it is the longer warranty cover, perhaps it’s the extra humidity sensor or the four-stage heating. You can’t actually tell the good – unless you know so much about it.

My comprehensive Emerson Sensi 1F86U-42WF thermostat review will save you the pain of going through multiple websites and reviews to gather all the facts you need to make your decision. Buckle up! It’s going to be a long interesting ride.

The Best Programmable Thermostat – At a Glance

emerson sensi programmable thermostatThe Emerson Sensi assumes a small-profile rectangular design that features a backlit LCD screen and a couple of control buttons. The Wi-Fi connectivity gives you access to a ton of features via the equally impressive Sensi thermostat app that will give you control anytime, anywhere.

You can use a combination of smart scheduling and real-time monitoring to reduce your energy costs by an impressive 30 percent thanks to the thermostat’s sensitivity and unique heating and cooling cycles. A humidity sensor balances temperature and humidity to help you create the expected comfort levels for each given temperature setting with relation to the outside environment.

The sense doesn’t require a C-Wire making it compatible with a wide range of HVAC systems while its support for Amazon Echo and Wink smart home platforms extends its capabilities opening up other control possibilities.

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The Sensi App Helps You With the Installation

Even though the Emerson Sensi thermostat is compatible with most of the air conditioning system, you might want to go through the compatibility check over at Sensi Comfort before going on to ensure that the thermostat will work for you home.

emerson sensi app

You should, however, expect the system to work on heating and cooling systems, a heat pump with or without auxiliary and geothermal systems.

If your system checks out, you will have to install the Emerson Sensi app before beginning the installation. The app takes charge of the installation and draws you the right installation schematics based on the configurations your former thermostat was running on. This means that you should first fire up the app and go through the configuration screen before tearing off your old thermostat.

You can always call for help on 888-605-7131 should things get out of hand.

Usability and Efficiency

This Sensi Emerson thermostat gives you three cycle speeds hence letting you control the number of times your furnace goes on per hours. You have the option of choosing slow, medium or fast with the slow setting giving you an up to 1.5 degrees change per cycle.

This helps give the HVAC system a steady and gradual setting to work with hence minimizing the number of abrupt stops and starts that are notorious in consuming extra power for nothing.

Controlling the thermostat in person is simple and straightforward. The simple buttons make it almost natural to navigate the menu and do away with the normal learning curve that comes with most modernized touchscreen thermostats.

Its ability to run without a C-wire makes it highly compatible with older systems that more often than not don’t have the power line.

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How to Program the Emerson sensi thermostat

People with predictable schedules will find the Emerson Sensi thermostat programming quite useful. However, if your schedule is ‘all over the place’ you always have the power to override your daily schedule.

You can

  • Change the temperature up to ten times a day
  • Set different weekday and weekend schedules
  • Give each day of the week a unique schedule
  • Create schedules based on activity, for instance ‘work from home’ or ‘workout from home’

An Amazing App That Get’s the Job Done

The smartphone app is perfect for more scheduling and creating any overrides on your existing schedules. Some people have however expressed concern that the app might loose connection with your thermostat every now and then. It is rare, and frustrating especially since it is from Emerson White-Rodgers.

You can find the iOS app review here, and the Android app review here.

The Emerson Sensi thermostat has additional integration of the Amazon Echo that lets you control the thermostat via Amazon Echo or Alexa, the cloud-based voice control service from Amazon. You won’t have to pay anything to use this. You will just have to let Echo register with your Sensi before issuing commands like ‘Alexa, set the living room temperature to 70’

An initial integration with Wink Home Hub added the Sensi to the list of smart home gadgets you can control from the Wink app. This will help make things simpler to people who already have other smart home gadgets up and running in the house.


The Sensi Emerson is the best programmable thermostat to anyone interested in ease of use and a functional remote control but wouldn’t mind missing out on monthly reports or geofencing features. You have to be keen when buying. You can go for the slightly expensive DIY-Install version or the cheaper Pro-Install version. The pro version will have you hire someone but it costs less and carries a longer warranty.

If you are decided on the Emerson Sensi thermostat, you can check it out on Wink Home Hub. Alternatively, you can look at this website and consider the other smart thermostat models that I have reviewed. I am sure that you will find the thermostat comparison table especially useful and you might want to go through my Top picks to gather some insight.

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