The Excelvan Professional Wireless Weather Station Review

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2017)

excelvan wireless weather stationIf you’ve been paying attention to the CNN or CNBC weather forecast, you would by now have realized how inaccurate or discriminating the traditional weather forecast after news section can be. If you’re lucky to have your region mentioned, they will give you a general forecast that is hard to go by. The solution? Dive into underground weather, buy your own sensors and a weather station. Be the master of your local weather and network with others to know the weather beyond the horizon.

This is exactly what the Excelvan Professional weather station lets you do. The system is a complete display monitor and an array of wireless sensors that gather the basic weather features and avail them to the display center.

The Excelvan professional weather station builds its data from five crucial sensors:

  • Wind speed sensor
  • Wind direction sensor
  • Rain gauge
  • Themo-hygro sensor
  • Solar sensor

Design and Appearance

What we are really interested in here is the display and also central control unit since this is what you will be interacting with on a daily basis. The decent screen is a traditional LCD affair that uses icons and easy to read.

The home screen gives you virtually all the sensor readings at a glance hence making it easier to quickly decipher what is going on. At first glance, the screen does look a bit busy but you will get used to it as time goes by and learn where to expect different values.

If you don’t like the interface on the weather station’s control and display unit, you can grab a copy of the free PC software you will need to export all the weather data to your PC through the USB port on the main unit. The good thing about pushing the data to your PC is that you can access more elaborate reports and even share this data with friends, family or other local weather enthusiasts.

Accurate Easy to Install Sensors

The sensors can sit anywhere as long as they are within a 328 feet radius. Dial this down a bit to compensate for signal loss and you still get a weather station-sensor connection that is good enough for a reasonable setup.

Excelvan advice you to install all the sensors onto a horizontal surface away from any obstructions that will affect your readings. Setting up the sensors is easy if you already have a firm and steady post or some open space in mind. Once the sensors are in place and hooked to the base station, you can begin all the configurations and data observing even on dark nights thanks to the highlight LED backlight that makes everything easy to see.

excelvan pro wireless weather station

The Excelvan Professional Wireless Weather Station is a gadget that enables monitoring of the weather conditions while you are indoors. As such, you can keep track of all the weather patterns at the comfort of your home or business premises. The device’s display shows both the exterior and interior temperature, air pressure, wind speed and direction, and humidity. It has a unique interface that has icons giving a representation of the present weather pattern. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems including Windows and mac-OS.

Features of Excelvan Professional Wireless Weather Station

The Wireless weather station offers exquisite results due to its features that include;

Remote Sensor

Applying a sensor makes the gadget more adaptable towards its functions and expands its capabilities. I wouldn’t mind receiving data from a distance of up to 328 feet. This is what the remote sensor facilitates via its sophisticated architecture. It transmits specific weather conditions after they have been decoded to a user-friendly format. For best results, it would be best to place the sensor horizontally away from any obstruction that may lead to inaccurate readings.

Transmission and Data Recording to PC

All the data that it collects is transmitted to a computer that creates a real history of the weather patterns to its end user. The uploading speed is quite good. Also, it comes with a free application to facilitate this activity


  • The Excelvan Professional Wireless Weather Station simple, straightforward and easy to use
  • Comes bundled with all the sensors you need to monitor local weather basics
  • The two AA rechargeable batteries draw from the sun to keep the unit powered. Works perfectly as long as it’s not in winter
  • Decent sensor transmitting distance gives you freedom to properly mount the weather sensors


  • You must place it away from obstacles to avoid interference that will give inaccurate temperature, rainfall and sun intensity. This might be hard to accomplish in some settings
  • Cannot transmit to online enthusiast weather platforms without using a PC
  • The PC software isn’t the best, and there’s no third party software that can connect to the Excelvan


In conclusion, measuring weather conditions requires highly sophisticated gadgets. The Excelvan Professional Wireless Weather Station is a budget device that can offer you that functionality in the most efficient manner.

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