Honeywell C7189U1005 White Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor For Th7000 and Th8000 Thermostats

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2017)

The Honeywell TH7000 and the TH8000 are impressive touchscreen programmable units from Honeywell that focus on functionality without getting too complex. A simple, rather traditional, LCD display with no color and an easy to program 7-day schedules makes this thermostat perfect for people who aren’t interested in complex connectivity or fancy additions to their programmable thermostats.

TH8000 th7000 honeywell seriesSimple Touch Screen Technology and Programmable Features

The sheer simplicity and undeniable functionality that comes with the TH7000 and TH8000 series thermostats from Honeywell is simply amazing. The thermostats might not have all the fancy features on your The Nest but it will still be programmable. They might not have a color touch screen but it is still easy to ready and configure. They might not have the modern aesthetics of the EcoBee but it still has remote sensors that extend their reach.

In essence, they are the perfect thermostats that remained poised at the very edge of technology. Modern or clever enough to be easy to use and programmable but still reasonable enough to just monitor your AC without making you feel like you are in Star Trek’s USS Enterprise bridge. They are more of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon that though simple and from an almost yesterday still gets the job done perfectly.

Honeywell TH7000 Series Thermostats

Honeywell TH7000 Series thermostats use a lithium-ion battery to power its logic meaning it could run without a C-Wire. A straightforward approach to controlling the heating and cooling system lets you decide whether you will be heating, cooling, running on auto (using both heat and cool to regulate room temperature) or have switched everything off.

A 4-period programmable schedule that covers all the seven days of the week will help you accommodate your varied daily behaviors with the intent of taking your utility bills as low as possible.

Honeywell TH7000 Series Highlights

  • 7-day programmable schedule with up to four schedule groupings
  • Armchair programming lets you pull the thermostat from the wall and program it from your seat before plugging it back in
  • In-built energy saving mode
  • Precise comfort control to keep temperatures withing 1-degree Fahrenheit of chosen temperature
  • Change or check reminders on important components like battery and filter
  • Dedicated control over remote sensors located indoors or outdoors

Honeywell TH8000 Thermostat Series

The VisionPRO 8000 series offers the much-wanted 7-day programming, a reliable comfort control and most importantly easy to program control over a wide variety of HVAC systems.

  • TH8110 work on gas, oil, electric and heat pumps with 1 phase heating and cooling
  • TH8320 works on 2 phase cooling and 3 phase heating systems working on gas, oil, electricity and the more modern heat pumps including dual fuel operation
  • TH8321 works on units with 3 heat, 2 cool dual fuel operation, and dehumidification control. It will work on gas, oil, electric and heat pumps.

honeywell remote sensorRemote Sensors for TH7000 and TH8000 Thermostats

The most amazing thing about the TH7000 and TH8000 thermostats is their superb control over huge houses by using remote sensors. You can purchase compatible wired sensors, for instance, the Honeywell C7189U1005 white indoor remote temperature sensor that you can place up to 200 feet away from the thermostat with the trailing 200-foot wire.

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Does the TH7000 and TH8000 Series Need C-Wire

Even though both the TH7000 and TH8000 series thermostats have a battery slot, these batteries are only meant to be used as a backup when your mains electricity fails or for some reason, there is no power on the C-wire. The batteries will keep your thermostat working for a while and retain the programming.

Here are the full installation and user manuals for the two thermostat series. These will help you in more than just installation since they all come in handy during troubleshooting and servicing of your AC.

Honeywell TH7000 User Manual & Installation Manual

Honeywell TH8000 User Manual and Installation Manual

The Honeywell TH8000 and TH7000 thermostat series are an amazing attempt at programmable touch-screen temperature control. Even though they might be as smart and connected as the latest models and units that feature wireless connectivity and learning capabilities, it is still a superb piece for regular homeowners who are content with the programming and touchscreen convenient but don’t want to complicate their life.

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