Lyric Honeywell Thermostat Comprehensive Review

The Nest hasn’t released any new hardware in the past two or so years. This has given competitors room to create worthy contenders to its otherwise indisputable smart thermostat throne. The lyric Honeywell thermostat is one of the best attempts at toppling the Nest’s supremacy especially that it is also circular in shape. Here is what I found attractive in this knob-shaped Honeywell Lyric thermostat.

At a Glance

The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat (TH8732WF5018)The Honeywell’s Lyric is cylindrical. You will get a silver spinning ring at the edge that lets you twirl it around knob-style. Even though its larger diameter covers a bigger surface, it will protrude less compared to the similarly styled Nest.

Installation is a breeze especially if you install the lyric Honeywell thermostat app before beginning the project. The app will walk you through the wiring process to ensure you get the set up right. You needn’t worry about an absent C-Wire as the thermostat can run on its AAA lithium battery. Remember to label your wires when removing the old thermostat. Attaching masking tape with the G, W. Y or Rh scribbles could save time since the colors could sometimes be confusing.

Once you have everything in place, you might have to give the thermostat up to four minutes to power up. Don’t worry, it will glow and pulse with interesting lights all along to keep you entertained.

The Lyric Honeywell thermostat will let you configure its own wireless network that you can connect into with your PC or smartphone. This is especially efficient if you do not have a home network. You should ensure that your router is on DHCP mode to allow the Lyric connect to your home Wi-Fi network. (you might have trouble with some routers. Honeywell insists that the thermostat works with most, not all, routers.)

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Design and looks

Lyric’s outer silver ring works like a knob, letting you choose whatever temperature you prefer. At the center is a touch-sensitive LCD that mostly displays the current weather. A could icon to the left will change the display to give a 12-hour forecast focused on temperature, humidity, and time. The home button will launch the away menu that lets you tell the Lyric thermostat for how long you will be away from home while a small motion sensor at the very top lights up the thermostat as you approach.

Another display above the main LCD will show the temperature setting. A sun icon for heating and a snowflake if you are cooling. You can tap on these icons to turn a system on or off. Finally, a halo ring around the Lyric will light up blue when cooling and orange when your HVAC is warming up.

What I loved about the Lyric Honeywell Thermostat

Every thermostat has its moments. The lyric Honeywell thermostat seemed to have quite a couple. While focusing on its on its shape and design might be soothing to someone who wants a cheaper alternative to the Nest, I dug deeper and found a couple of cool features that could make the Emerson Lyric a worthy thermostat for any tech savvy home.

  • You can manually lower or raise the temperature using the Lyric’s dial ring. Each degree mark change will be accompanied by an audible click making changes faster and simpler. This is faster than fiddling with a button or a touchscreen slider
  • Configuring the thermostat through the app is simple. Even though there aren’t complete schedules here, you can create time triggers that will either lower or raise the temperature and store them in your home screen for quick access
  • A fine tune feature uses local weather forecasts to edit the HVAC settings to ensure that your home stays at the perfect temperatures in the most energy efficient way possible.
  • A geofencing capability lets the thermostat heat up your home when you are within a given radius or power down when you are away. You can configure this during the maiden run or later in the configuration menu.
  • The simple configuration procedure will help you create and activate a Honeywell account in no time.
  • Quick response to the smartphone app and tight command over temperature selections and changes.

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Things to Note Before Buying the Lyric Honeywell thermostat

best Honeywell thermostatsYou will have to adapt to the Honeywell Lyric before using it flawlessly. For instance, Using a 2-mile radius on the geofencing setting might be too little especially if you are on clear roads with no traffic jams. It could be enough if you have to stroll some part of your way home. Most homeowners I talked to had to fiddle with this a couple of times before finding the ultimate setting.

The lyric Honeywell thermostat isn’t a learning type. You will have to think on its behalf and create the right shortcuts and cues to help it manage your air conditioning better. This takes time and patience.

You won’t get a PC or browser application. You can only control the thermostat via the Android or iOS app. This is bad news if you prefer doing all your home automation via a PC.

A second-generation Honeywell Lyric Round, though costlier, is Apple HomeKit certified. You can control it via Siri. It is also compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Logitech, Wink and IFTTT. This is great news to anyone who wants to incorporate the thermostat into a true automated home system.

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Bottom Line

The Honeywell Lyric is an amazing alternative that assumes an impressive design. It will merge seamlessly with any home décor solution and packs a great deal of solutions that are relevant to the modern day smart world. The second generation Lyric will give you some little edge over the first generation.

If you are not sure about the right thermostat for your home, you can have a look at my top picks and what I think of the other top thermostats in the market. If you are sure that the Lyric is the right gadget for you, use this link to check out the price at

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