Honeywell RTH9590WF1011/W Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

honeywell-touchThe Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat with Voice control (RTH9590WF1011/W) is undeniably one of the best touchscreen thermostats in the market. I personally love its bold screen and the fact that everything goes on in the touchscreen. Even though a thought of the thermostat’s home as ‘cluttered’ I am of the opinion that the bigger screen should naturally display more options at a go. This gives you the power to access more control options without going through tons of menus. This is something very few smart thermostat makers can guarantee you – unless you are using the Wi-Fi thermostat management apps.

In this review, I will look at the specific aspects of the RTH9590 that make it a worthy opponent to impressive smart thermostats like the Nest or the Ecobee3.

The Honeywell RTH9590 is a touch screen programmable thermostat with an automatic or manual changeover. It gives you tight control over your heating and cooling with the accommodating 3 heat and 2 cool stage operation. Combine this with the remote wireless access and you get a powerful thermostat whose settings walk with you wherever you go.

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Independent Operation at its Best

Honeywell ditched the minimalistic design of the Honeywell Lyric for a complete user interface and controls approach that lets you do everything on the thermostat with ease. The bigger touch screen makes it more sensible to control the thermostat in person rather than connecting via wireless. The bigger screen calls for attention and displays more information at a go. A variable background color edit lets you match the thermostat to your interior décor.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat with Voice Control will give you temperature and humidity readings (indoors and outdoor), the day, date, time, operation mode, target temperature, and touch buttons for adjusting the target temperature. You can even view a 5-day weather forecast if you please.

You can control virtually anything via the touchscreen, just as you would using the app or the web portal.

Installing the Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat with Voice Control

Installing this Honeywell thermostat isn’t that simple. This makes it quite the challenge to entry level DIY guys. It would always be wise to hire a professional to install it – especially if your system doesn’t have a C-wire providing 24V. A possible workaround would be using a G-to-C hack or run an external power source, something that should always be left to professionals or someone who understands his or her electronics.

If you are comfortable around wires and think that you can do a DIY safely, here is how to install a thermostat without a C Wire to a power supply

You will need the C-wire to keep the Wi-Fi on and operate the backlight in an always-on display mode. If you have the right C-wire or have what it takes to run the alternative power source, you wouldn’t find installing this thermostat any harder. Remember to label the wires when disconnecting the old thermostat to avoid confusing your terminals.

honeywell thermostat compatibility check

You will have to use the touchscreen to feed in your HVAC system type, connect to your Wi-Fi, and set up your Honeywell account to get things up and running.

If you are not confident with the DIY installation, consider hiring a professional.

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Using Your Thermostat

With the ample touch screen, it makes more sense to do most of your changes and edits on the touch screen and doing all the subtle or random changes remotely.

Nonetheless, the app homepage does give you some authoritative control over you home temperature – especially if you have multiple Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats. You can give each thermostat a name and manage a whole fleet of thermostats to ensure that each room in your big house keeps an acceptable temperature. This is a more expensive option in comparison to Ecobee3’s approach that uses cheaper remote sensors.

Another notable thing you will come across when setting up the Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat with Voice Control is whether you will be using it at home or in an office setting. It will edit your schedules and flexible programming based on where you will be deploying it.

For instance, your voice controlled thermostat will power down at night to let you sleep when in home mode or power down on public holidays in an office setting.

An intelligent warning will always keep you in the know. Some of my favorite include:

  • High/low-temperature notifications
  • Change in internet connection notifications (lost or restored connection)
  • Filter change reminders (these are based on the amount of air your HVAC draws through the filters rather than the filter’s life after installation)

What I Love About the Honeywell RTH9590

I know, I have said so much about the huge bright touchscreen. Don’t worry, I won’t include it in this list. There are better things in this Honeywell.

  • A smart learn mode teaches the thermostat how long it takes to cool or warm a room relative to the outside temperature. In this way, the thermostat uses its sensor and timer to apply just what is sufficient for the change. You save more energy.
  • The new Honeywell app looks better and is more powerful. The designers got rid of the boring monochrome look and ensured the app can manage and manipulate all the advanced settings on this thermostat.
  • The voice control feature is especially useful when you cannot reach the thermostat or see it. This makes it the perfect thermostat for the blind or anyone who cannot reach its installation level. All you have to do is say ‘Hello thermostat.’ If you are cheerful enough, you’ll grab its attention and it will do as you please.

Bottom Line

The Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat with Voice Control (rth9590wf1011w) is with definitely the best touchscreen smart thermostat. You can easily take charge of all the settings and programming without necessarily appealing to the app or the web portal. It has an impressive wireless remote control option that will give you updates and let you control thermostat no matter your location. Combine this with the rather futuristic voice control and you get a thermostat that will serve any tech-savvy homeowner to satisfaction.

You might, however, frown upon its chunky demeanor and the plastic appearance, especially if you have a refined home décor. Other than this, you will find its quite fulfilling if all you ever wanted was the best touch screen thermostat. You can check it out on now.

If you are still undecided, you can look around my website for more reviews. Check out the Emerson White-Rodgers Sensi if you are looking for something more controllable and low profile or go for the Nest if you want more tech in a small aesthetic package.

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