Honeywell T6 pro thermostat: Troubleshooting and how to guide

honeywell t6 pro how to and troubleshooting guide

Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat is a follow-up model from the Honeywell manufacturer. The model is well suited for busy and rarely at home individuals due to its remote climate control of your home.

Honeywell’s compatibility with smart devices is also a bonus however it also presents some problem especially to those who might not be fans of Gizmos. If you are having a hard time with your thermostat here are a few troubleshooting tips.

How to set a passcode on a Honeywell T6 pro

Setting a passcode to your Honeywell digital thermostat prevents unauthorized changes to your system settings such as previously saved cooling and heating settings. Thermostats allow for a change of the lock settings, for either partial or full restricted access to settings.

Once enabled, users can only access setting using a four-digit pin to make changes. Here is how to go about it.

  • Press the “Menu” button on your thermostat
  • Press “Security Settings.”
  • Select “Change Lock Mode”(This allows you to adjust your lock settings).

Select the lock option you want to use. (Such as “Unlocked” for unrestricted access to thermostat settings, select “Partially Locked” to allow for change temperature or Select “Fully locked” to completely restrict access to thermostat settings).

  • Press the “Create Password” option
  • Enter your preferred four-digit password.
  • Saved the password.
  • Users will be required to enter the new password to make changes.

How to unlock Honeywell T6 pro thermostat

Keypad Lock out

  • Press Menu on the thermostat.
  • Press + or – to Lock
  • Press Select.
  • Press + or – to go OFF, PART, or ON, options and then press Select.
  • OFF: Unlocked and full access allowed.
  • PART: Partial lockout, allowing only the temperature to be changed.
  • ON: No access allowed.

To unlock the keypad

  • Press the CENTER button
  • Enter the password”1234″
  • Press + or – to change the first digit of the passcode number.
  • Then press Select.
  • Repeat this process to enter the second code through the fourth digits of the number.
  • After this entered, press
  • Select again.

This will unlock the keypad.

  • If the code is incorrect, the screen will flash the lines two dash lines.
  • Press Back to go back a step to enter the correct number and press Select.

How to reset Honeywell T6 pro thermostat

Every homeowner is once faced with the prospects of changing their existing program schedule to fit their schedule or changing weather pattern. Here is how to go about it.

  • Press and hold the menu button until the advanced menu opens.
  • Go to “Advanced Reset” using left and right arrows.
  • Press on “Factory”
  • Press on the tick icon to confirm the rest.

How to hook up Amana PTEC to a Honeywell T6 thermostat

Linking up your thermostat with packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and air-conditioning and heating products is a common occurrence in homes. Wired thermostats can be used with the Amana PETC through a voltage connection or wireless network.

This allows you to control the temperature in your home using your smartphone or another smart device with a wireless internet connection

  • Download honey well lyric app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Create an account
  • Locate the thermostat Amana PETC Pro from your device
  • Answer the question that follows
  • Go to the thermostat press and hold the temperature for five seconds
  • Display will change
  • Press next
  • It will try to pair up with the available devices, ensure that Amana PETC is available from the list
  • Locate the wi fi Amana PETC from network name
  • It should display network name on the thermostat
  • Press next
  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click on wifi
  • Select your device
  • It will begin to Join
  • After a few minutes, your Aman PETC connects to your phone and wi fi
  • Press next
  • It will give you a PIN “1234”
  • Enter the PIN  on your device

How to reset a forgotten lock screen password on a Honeywell T6 Pro

There is always a high likelihood of forgetting your password. A lock screen password offers security from third party tampering with your thermostat case you are faced with this here is how to go about it.

  • Touch Menu on the thermostat home screen
  • Touch either of the < or > arrows until  it shows Screen Lock
  • Touch Select
  • Scroll through < or > arrows to select your preferred screen lock setting
  • Select
  • A PIN number appears on the screen(memorize it it or write it down )
  • Touch Select, and confirm your screen lock Setting by touching YES
  • A partially or fully locked screen will be indicated by a lock symbol(Padlock) at the bottom of the thermostat screen.

Unlocking the screen

  • Touch the Lock symbol (padlock) on the Home screen
  • Upon promising to enter PIN number touch either + or –
  • Select first number on PIN code
  • Select to Confirm
  • Do the same for the other numbers
  • When you enter the correct PIN, you’ll return to the thermostat home screen.

To re-lock the screen after you’re done making changes, follow the same steps to applying to lock settings.

How to turn light off on Honeywell T6 thermostat

Your thermostat may have a pre-set bright backlight that affects your eyes. In case you want a dimmer screen or completely turn off your screen light simply adjust the backlight settings.

  • Go to your thermostat screen
  • Press and release the system key
  • You will be presented with a blank key in the middle of the bottom of the screen
  • Hold both keys on either side for about 5 seconds until the screen changes then release.
  • You will see arrow keys up and down in the middle on the right (setting) on the left (set-up number).
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll down until it says 0280( on the left )
  • Use the arrow keys all the way to the right (to set it to 0 )
  • This should give you backlight upon touching the screen.
  • Select done by hitting the lower left, that should complete the process

How to set filter reminder on Honeywell T6

Resetting a furnace filter timer is important especially after cleaning or replacing filter components. The process usually takes a short time and pretty much straight forward.

These reminders remind us of when to:

  • Replace air filters usually re-set by Reset the timer by touching “Dismiss” button on thermostat screen after replacement
  • Clean humidifier tank and replace water filters-this is usually done after cleaning the tank, simply reset the timer by selecting dismiss button upon display on the thermostat screen.
  • Replace Humidifier Tank-After replacing the pad press the dismiss button upon display.
  • Replace dehumidifier filter-after complete replacement press the dismiss button on the screen
  • Clean Replace ventilation filter-after cleaning or replacing the filter, press the dismiss button on your screen.

Alternatively, if you aren’t able to make these changes you can always contact your dealer.

Resetting filter Reminders

This how you can go about making these changes

  • Go to the bottom row of your screen to the icon “More”
  • The filter option will pop up
  • Click on the RESET
  • The thermostat furnace filter settings will automatically reset in a few seconds
  • Click DONE

How to Connect Honeywell T6 pro to another WiFi

  • You need a smartphone or tablet and your WiFi passcode.
  • Download honey well lyric app on your smartphone or tablet(The app gives a step by step guide)
  • Create an account
  • Locate the thermostat “Lyric T6” Pro from your device
  • Answer the question “Is the thermostat on the wall? Yes
  • Is it displaying temperature? Yes
  • Go to the thermostat press and hold the temperature for five seconds
  • Display will change
  • Press next
  • It will try to pair up
  • Locate the wi fi thermostat network name
  • It should display network name on the thermostat
  • Press next
  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click on wifi
  • Select your device
  • It will begin to Join
  • After a few minutes, the thermostat will connect to phone and wi-fi
  • Press next
  • It will give you a PIN “1234”
  • Type the PIN  on your device
  • Next, pick a location where you install the device
  • Enter Home OR select appropriate
  • Name your thermostat (you can use the brand name such as Honeywell T6 pro etc. or customize)
  • The device gets registered on the network
  • And the display will show connection successful
  • Finish by enabling your geo fence or you can skip it
  • Now, you will be able to remotely control your thermostat


There is no doubt that the Honeywell T6 thermostat offers good climate control for your home. Its compatibility with most smart devices makes it ideal for both home and remote use.

However, technological advancement comes at a price including constantly consulting your manual to help in troubleshooting the occasional problem which arises.