How to Set Up a Thermostat in an Incubator

How to Set Up a Thermostat in an Incubator

Setting up a thermostat in an incubator will ensure that you have additional control on the hatching process. The thermostat regulates temperature, which is crucial for life development. You need to know how to set up the gadget appropriately if you want to control the temperature.

The perfect installation process requires access to the incubator wiring. To nail this process, one needs to check the incubator thermostat wiring diagram. You can also install the gadget through DIY procedures, which are simple and straightforward. You do not need any special expertise to set up this unit to help you regulate the temperature of your incubator.

Installing a Wafer Thermostat in an Incubator

Consider the following steps when installing the wafer thermostat for the incubator.

  1. Place the thermometer on a strategic place inside the incubator. The location should be close to the radiant heat, which is 2 inches close to the source of heat.
  2. Use the adjustment dial to select the ideal position for the wafer. The wafer will move with the temperature changes.

How the Wafer Model Works

The thermoregulator expands and triggers the switch when the temperature increases. The wafer is a thin sheet of metal placed in between the adjustment dial and the switch. During the temperature increase, the metal expands until it makes contact with the switch.

A drop in temperature makes the switch contract and releases contact with the switch.

Installing a Digital Thermostat

This model is available in different designs and with many functionalities. More so, setting it up requires a bit more DIY prowess to achieve the best outcomes.

The benefit of the digital thermostat for the incubator is that it often has many features than the wafer model. Here are the installation steps.

  1. Purchase your preferred model. Choose one that has a programmable screen
  2. Turn off the power to the incubator before installing
  3. Follow the uninstallation steps for the existing thermoregulator to remove it
  4. Install the new model using duct tape. Ensure that you place the duct tape on the sides to avoid compromising the functionality of the regulator
  5. Turn on the brooder, and check to determine whether the steps were correct


Installing the best thermostat is crucial in controlling temperature in an incubator. More so, knowing the installation steps. Even though the wafer thermostat has an old design, it works as well as the digital one. Once you correctly install either, you can easily regulate the temperature levels of your incubator.