Keynice Digital Thermometer, Temperature Sensor with USB Power Supply

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2017)

keynice digital thermometerKeynice Digital Thermometer is a unique digital temperature meter with a 3.3 feet cable and a remote temperature sensor probe.

This little thermometer is easy to use and comes in handy when measuring temperatures in aquariums, cars, pet habitats, inside and outside the home, computer towers and in HVAC air ducts.

With a professional look, the Keynice Digital Thermometer has more to offer than what meets the ordinary eyes.

This review covers everything you would need to know about this Keynice digital thermometer, including the price.


Keynice Digital Thermometer Features

Generally, the Keynice Digital Thermometer is small in nature. Despite its small size, it has an endless list of features to offer.

Color LCD display

This a conspicuous feature and one that makes the Keynice Digital thermometer stand out among the other thermometers. Despite it being small in size the colored display makes it for you the user to clearly see the temperature reading of your respective surrounding.

Fahrenheit to Celsius switch

Clearly, the Keynice Digital Thermometer ha you covered. Thanks to the little switch located at the back end of this device you don’t have to worry about converting your temperature reading to the unit you want. Switch back and forth whenever you want to read your temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.


  • Very accurate. I would vouch for the Keynice Digital Thermometer any day at any time because of this factor. When using this device you can surely count on its results. This I have proved many times after getting similar results even when using my indoor thermometer for comparison.
  • Very efficient when it comes to power use. When using My USB power measuring tool, it only records .01A of power use.
  • Has a professional look.
  • It’s easy to use and has good responsiveness.



  • Blurry LCD display when looked at a certain undesired angle.


Keynice Digital Thermometer is one of the most accurate thermometers found in the market. This is not all. Its pocket-friendly price coupled up with its cool looks, good functionality and easy to read display makes it a must-have device for everybody.

Buy it now!

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