Willhi WH1436: Best Wi-Fi Digital Smart Temperature Controller?

(Last Updated On: August 6, 2017)

Willhi WH1436Willhi WH1436 is a digital temperature controller that enables you to control the state of appliances based on their temperature.

It completes or breaks the circuit when the connected electrical appliance attains a predetermined temperature.

For example, you can set the Willhi Wh1436 wireless thermostat to break the circuit when an electrical heater reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Move the probe closer to the heater for accurate temperature recordings and the device will break the circuit when the temperature of the appliance, the heater in this case, reaches the set temperature.

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The probe has 2 settings, heating and cooling, hence it can work even for cooling appliances.

With the Keynice Willhi WH1436, temperature control is as easy as putting a switch on. Set a desired temperature, position the probe in a good position for accurate temperature recordings and the device will cut off the power supply when this temperature is achieved.

The probe is waterproof and sits at the very end of a 3m (9.8ft) cable. With this cable length, positioning the probe wouldn’t be a problem, even if you are dealing with appliances in your kitchen. However, the only problem that comes with the Willhi digital temperature control unit is that you have to move the probe closer to the item being measured, which could be difficult in the event that you are dealing with a very hot object.

Easy to Set Up and Use

Simply connect the power source to the Willhi WH1436 unit and from the unit to the appliance whose temperature you want to control. If you want to use the Willhi WH1436 digital temp controller app, please download it from iTunes by following this link. Once downloaded, ensure the language is set to English to avoid confusion.

Once you have the app, power up the digital smart temperature controller and press and hold the Up and Down keys for over 3 seconds. This should activate a “-P–” display on the screen. Release the buttons and wait for the device to restart. After the restart, you can now access the your Willhi unit over the smartphone app.

If You Don’t Have the App

If you don’t have a smartphone at hand, you can still configure Keynice Willhi manually using the display panel and buttons. Follow the steps below to configure your unit manually.

  • Press SET and scroll to H (heating) and C (cooling)
  • Press SET again until the display reads LB (Lower Bound Temperature)
  • Press SET to select the HB (Higher bound temperature) and LB (Lower bound temperature)
  • For instance, you can set the HC=H, LB=149, HB=150. This sets temperatures, say on your sous vide slow cooker to maintain temperatures between 149 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit for even sous vide cooking.

Willhi WH1436 Features

Keynice Willhi WH-1436Refrigeration and Heating Mode

Depending on the gadget that you connect to the controller, you can switch between heating and cooling status –giving a great angle at diversity and flexibility. This feature gives the digital temperature controller a broad range of uses. It can be applied in agricultural settings for things such as incubation, aquariums, pet breeding, and germination and for other electrical uses in appliances such as the oven and electric radiator.

Wireless Temperature Control

The availability of an app enables remote control of the temperature from any location. Once connected to the Willhi unit via Wi-Fi, your Android or iOS app will allow you to see the current temperatures as well as adjust the heating and cooling temperatures. With this unit and its application, temperature control is at your fingertips.


One of the best things about the Willhi WH1436 Wi-Fi digital smart temperature controller is its versatility. This is achieved when connected to the wireless app and applies to a wide range of platforms and operates with any smartphone that can run Android and iOS. The probe also measures temperatures accurately making it perfect for a wide variety of applications.


Although it is applicable in a variety of situations, the voltage is limited at 110v or 240v depending on the wattage and has no allowance of overloading. This makes it challenging to monitor voltage and would require you to purchase a voltage controller to avoid damage.

Keynice Willhi WH-1436 Setup and Configuration Guide (Video)


Keynice Willhi WH-1436 WiFi Digital Smart Temperature Controller is quite handy when it comes to smart temperature control. It is a very useful device that delivers on its intended purpose. Whether you want to use it in the kitchen, agricultural uses, or for your personal experiments in the garage, this unit works incredibly well.

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