Lux Geo Thermostat How to & Troubleshooting Guide

lux geo thermostat how to and troubleshooting guide

If you own a lux geo thermostat, you have questions with regards to set up and compatibility with your other devices. In this article, we answer some of your questions.

Where is the serial number on my Lux Geo thermostat?

  • Use the device I.D. as your serial number for your LUX Geo

How to set up lux geo thermostat on your phone

The process depends on the kind of device and operating system you use. IOS devices such an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, are quick and easy to set up and work seamlessly compared to android devices.

  • Join the device’s mini WiFi network,
  • use the app to tell the device about your home WiFi network (including your home WiFi password),
  • switch your mobile device back to your home WiFi network, ensure it is connected properly
  1. How to set up Lux geo thermostat without wifi
  • Go to
  • Sign up for an account.
  • choose the method of setup that’s right for you based on your equipment
  • If you have an iOS device such an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, we strongly recommend you install your thermostat using the iOS app
  • Just download the
  • Connect your thermostat to the Internet(confirm that your computer or mobile device is connected to the thermostat’s temporary wireless network)
  • Connect the thermostat to the Internet, you can use your Android device to manage your Thermostat settings.

In case you encounter any problem connecting your thermostat to the Internet, first check is your C-wire connection.

  • Remove one of your thermostat’s batteries and wait several seconds.

( If it loses power, your thermostat’s C wire is not functioning properly)

  • Re-install your thermostat
  • Go to the LUX/GEO’s Network setting start this Wi-Fi network
  • Choose Configure ‘Using App’.
  • Manually change the Wi-Fi network of the phone to that listed on the thermostat.

Devices have Apps that automatically change Android’s phone Wi-Fi network to that of the device to complete the setup. However, the Lux App requires you to change the network manually.

  • Go to Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi settings to change the SSID and password to that shown on the thermostat.
  • Go back to the Lux App
  • Select the Wi-Fi network you want the thermostat to join.
  • Set up your thermostat’s schedule for heating and cooling

You can also set up what temperature you want to set when you are away for a long time

  • Set up your thermostat’s location so the App can tell if you are away or not.
  • After the setup is complete, CHECK the thermostat’s status and temperature.
  • Check runtime information for the thermostat as well as change the settings.

How do you connect a Lux Geo to Alexa

You can set up the Wi-Fi Thermostat with an Android phone like the Google Pixel. However, home control devices supported by Google Assistant aren’t compatible with Lux geo thermostat. This is how to go about it.

  • Download and install the Lux Products App from Google Play on the Google Pixel.
  • log in with your existing Lux account or create a new one.
  • Select the plus icon on the upper left corner of the App to add the thermostat.
  • Go to LUX/GEO into the AP mode so that it can start broadcasting a Wi-Fi network for the phone to connect to.
  • Confirm that your thermostat is ready to connect by verifying that the yellow light on the left side of your thermostat display is blinking.
  • If the yellow light isn’t blinking, (reset your thermostat) pressing the thermostat’s MENU button,
  • If MATE appears on the left side of the display, Press MATE twice. If the yellow light (middle of the three) starts blinking, you’re ready to connect.
  • If the web address still doesn’t open, confirm that your computer or mobile device is connected to the thermostat’s temporary wireless network.
  • Make sure there aren’t firewall programs that prevent connecting to temporary networks. Refer to the instructions that came with your security software for how to temporarily disable this setting.
  • However, the changes made to your thermostat settings from the website can take up to five minutes to be effected. However, Mobile apps are immediate, especially if connected to the same wireless network as your thermostat. Remote changes made from other wireless networks or from outside your home also take around five minutes.

How to unlock a Lux geo thermostat

  • Press and release the “Next” button, in the center of the thermostat’s programming panel, three times.
  • Press the “Hold” button, and then release it. The thermostat is unlocked.
  • You can now press the “Up” and “Down” buttons on the panel to change the temperature settings, temporarily overriding the programming.
  • “Override” will appear in the display. The override feature will automatically cancel when the next programming period begins.
  • Press and release the “Next” button three times
  • Press and release the “Hold” button to lock the thermostat again.

How to set time on Lux geo

  • Open the front door of the thermostat.
  • Turn the rotary dial to “Set Day/Time”( You will see the day blinking at the top. )
  • Press the “Up” button until it shows the correct day.
  • Press “Next”
  • You will now see the time blinking. Press the “Up” or “Down” button until the correct time is displayed. Hold the button in, If you want it to go much faster.
  • Rotate the dial back to the run position when finished.

How long do batteries last in Lux geo wifi thermostat

Geo thermostat mostly uses AA Lithium batteries you can also use cheaper lithiums or alkaline. In most cases, a year should be enough before exchanging.

A C-wire will take power from your furnace just like other smart thermostats. Alternatively, you can power your thermostat using a mini-USB adapter, especially when you have a use-case. The thermostat can power itself entirely on batteries and has three power profiles (High Performance, Balanced, or Optimized), which directly determine the longevity of your thermostat battery life.

The high-performance battery has a higher demand on your cells and reduces its life span as opposed to balanced alternatives. However, batteries are used as a backup power source, even with C-wire availability.

The thermostat requires no reboot when the power flickers, unlike others. Generally, lacking a touch screen ensures that your battery life is prolonged compared to the touch screen counterparts.

There you have it, a short guide on troubleshooting your Lux geo thermostat in your home. Given its simple design and lack of a touch screen, the various buttons make it relatively easy to operate despite not having a more interactive set up as the touch counterparts.