PEQ Series 3 (3157100-WP) Thermostat Review

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2017)


Most smart or programmable thermostats handle all the data processing and scheduling on their own. While this is great news to someone who wants a one-time solution, it pushes the cost of programmable thermostats up to accommodate the extra logic and memory chips. Even though on board automation chips might be getting better with time, they’re still a far cry from the powerful processors you will find in home automation hubs like the Almond + controller.

The PEQ 3157100-WP thermostat is your budget thermostat that controls your electric or gas HVAC system with help from your smartphone, the web or in person when you enter the desired changes into the thermostat using a compatible home automation hub or the PEQ online control service.

PEQ 3157100-WP thermostat

Design and Appearance

The PEQ series 3 thermostats are compact sleek units with a single unicolor front. The black matte finish looks especially appealing. Since all controls are on the touchscreen, you can tap to change the mode, hold the temperature or control your fan easily without having to turn to the mobile app.

Since it is not a programmable thermostat, you cannot come up with a 7-day schedule to monitor different HVAC scenarios. Understanding this before buying the unit is very important. If you are seeking a unit that will fall into your home automation grand plan and already have an automation hub, then it is an excellent unit. If not, you will be better off buying other programmable thermostats.


  • Touchscreen Interface for user-friendly control
  • Smart scheduling to conserve energy
  • Can set safety rules (ex: turn off HVAC system if smoke detector goes off)
  • Compatible with gas or electric systems (24 VAC or millivolt)
  • Long lasting 22-yearbattery life (with normal operation) – 4-AA Batteries or common wire can be used for 24 VAC

peq thermostat at a glance


  • Battery Type: Common Wire (24 VAC) and/or 4-AA batteries
  • Battery Life: 2-3 years
  • Dimension: 5.5″W x 4.5″H x 1.25″L
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C

Why Buy the PEQ 3157100-WP

The PEQ 3157100-WP thermostat will be a great addition to your PEQ starter kit. The PEQ starter kits mostly packs the hub and a door or window sensor. Hooking up the hub to your router gets everything up and running.

After this, you can download the PEQ app available on Android or iOS and use it to monitor or program your smart hub that will in turn control all the sensors hooked up to the system. The options are endless, and the system will be as powerful as the number of sensors connected to your controller hub.

If you don’t want to spend hours programming scenes or setting down HVAC automation rules, you can subscribe to a PEQ package and use their powerful rules engine to automate your home. The PEQ subscription fee remains constant regardless of how many sensors you have in your system. Subscribe if you are willing to go all rogue and automate possible section of your home.

What if You Don’t Want the Subscription

You can always skip the PEQ home system approach and hook up the thermostat to another controller hub. The fact that the system will give you absolute control from the hub allows you to run better automation as opposed to other limited programmable thermostats whose API block out some features to remote users. One of the best controller hub options would be the Securifi Almond + controller.

peq thermostat wires and battery


PEQ Thermostat Installation and Getting Started

Installing this Open Home certified system is relatively easy – especially if you remember to label your previous thermostat wires before disconnecting it. It is a 24 VAC system that will need a common wire for continued power. If you don’t have a C-wire, you can make do with 4 AA batteries. The battery life will always depend on the batteries you purchase. Running a C-Wire will save you a lot of frustrations in future.

When installing the PEQ thermostat, ensure that:

  • You place it a good 5 ft. From the floor, direct sunlight, fireplaces or other heating and cooling places
  • Do place the thermostat near doors or windows that lead to the outside
  • Don’t install it in a damp area
  • Install it in an area with good air circulation

PEQ Thermostat Wiring Diagram


The following diagram shows the wire pin out in case you don’t understand the symbols on your thermostat’s base plate. Remember to label the wires coming from your old thermostat to ensure that you know where each wire goes.

peq wiring diagram

Once the thermostat up and running, it will be automatically configured to work on single stage cool/heat systems and a single fan speed. If you have a different system, you will have to configure it to understand your HVAC.

Remember to check the RH RC jump. You can remove it if you have separate power connections for the RH and the RC.

Download the complete PEQ thermostat installation manual here for a detailed installation and configuration



Control the comfort and efficiency of your home, from anywhere. The PEQ Thermostat is easy to install and

controlled entirely by capacitive touchscreens. With the PEQ Thermostat, you can: monitor and control your

home’s temperature from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Heat or cool your house automatically, according to a schedule you set. Improve comfort and reduce energy use by setting your thermostat to adjust based on whether you are home, at work or out of town. This device requires a PEQ hub and service plan.Set and control your home’s temperature, from anywhere, with your smartphone, tablet or PC

A fully configured system will work in the following modes

  • Cool
  • Heat
  • Auto
  • Off
  • Emergency

PEQ Series 3 Thermostat Pros

  • A neat well-designed unit that will fit into any decor
  • Complete remote control once you hook it up to the right automation hub
  • Highly compatible with a complete home automation solution

The cons


Home automation goes beyond the freedom to change your thermostat temperatures from you smartphone to the freedom to open the blinds, windows, the door and even turn on the lights in a synchronous manner. The PEQ series 3 thermostat fits perfectly into such a setting letting you feed its state with values from other sensors or actuators in the house hence creating the ultimate home automation harmony.



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