Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer and Hygrometer

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2017)

sensorpush thermometer hygrometer review

A lot of humidity in the air allows growth of allergens and fungi which responsible for a wide range of health problems including asthma.

On the other hand, dry air can cause viruses to spread easily. It also causes discomfort from dry eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.

Definitely, you don’t want to see your family members in any of these two conditions. This is why it is essential to get a good thermometer and hygrometer.

Of the many hours I have used thermometers and hygrometers, I have found the SensorPush Wireless to be one of the best. In this review, you will see why I came to this conclusion and how you can make good use of this gadget yourself.

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The Sensor Push Wireless thermometer and hygrometer is uniquely designed to capture moisture and temperature and relay regular alerts straight to your smartphone. And the design is splendid; a state of the art Swiss adopted structure gives it an elegant look, providing accuracy and top notch results.

Temperature and humidity is a pertinent issue in storage facilities, incubators, refrigerators, wine cellars, cigar humidors, musical instrument and people suffering from allergies or asthma. A cool gadget that keeps a close eye on the temperature and humidity will come in handy especially if you are using a humidifier that has no inbuilt hygrometer.

The Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer monitors temperature and humidity around. As such, you will always be notified of the present conditions hence a benefit towards promoting your health. It is uniquely designed to capture moisture and temperature and offer regular alerts to any smartphone. And the design is splendid; a state of the art Swiss adopted structure gives it an elegant look, providing accuracy and top notch results.

The trick is to keep the humidity between 30 percent and 55 percent whilst keeping the temperatures within the desired range. Since most of the use cases in this line are out of reach and not somewhere you could keep on visiting to take readings, a wireless sensor that transmits the temperature and humidity readings to a central unit is always welcome.

SensorPush Takes the Readings to Mobile

Once the SensorPush sensor us up and running, you can monitor the conditions straight from your mobile app. This does away with the need for a remote receiver unit to see the temperature and humidity readings. Couple this with the fact that the app can store history data and present useful graphs and reports makes it more useful at finding out what went on when you were not watching.

Set up is easy. To add a sensor to the mobile app, hold the SensorPush next to your mobile device and wait for the pairing procedure to finish.

The SensorPush sensor can save up to 20 days worth of data and has a solid connection, You have a decent range that is within the Bluetooth range. You can throw in multiple sensors and control all of them from a single mobile app easily.

With an additional SensorPush G1 WiFi gateway, you can extend the range and even push the readings to the web. This, though convenient, is a bit of a setback compared to similar sensors like the Temp Stick WiFi temperature and humidity sensor that hooks up to the web without using an additional WiFi gateway.

Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer Features

Its great features facilitate the efficient operation of the sensor that all some up to offer perfect service.

Simple and Fast Setup

I adore the capability of the wireless thermometer to sense its surroundings. Once you are set up, you start receiving notification on any platform you desires. The setting up procedure is simple, and once everything is in place, you can start receiving notifications straight to your Android or iPhone.


Once you get a hands-on experience of the sensor, you will be amazed at the elegance of its design and detailed structure. On top of this, the sensory capabilities are up to the task; the device generates accurate results due to the attention to details in its design.


  • Strong wireless connection to keep it ‘visible’ on the app even when in a metal insulated incubator or refrigerator
  • Sensor holds up to 20 days of data meaning that you don’t have to drop by to collect the data a little bit too often
  • Pushes data to paired device automatically once withing Bluetooth range


  • No API or cloud service in place to allow third party programming and sensor automation
  • Will not connect to the internet or give a decent range without using the SensorPush wifi range


I believe that having a gadget that just monitors the temperature and humidity and pushes notifications to your smartphone will save you a lot of time. The wireless temperature sensor does this in a simple and effective way.

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