Clever Ways To Keep Air Conditioning Bill Low

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

Optimizing your heating and ventilation system will save you tons of money. According to statistics, over 54 percent of your utility bills go to heating and cooling your home. While modern building construction solutions aspire to make our homes more insulated, the power of keeping your HVAC bill in check still lies within you.buying new AC unit

Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System

It all begins with buying a good air conditioner with a high-energy efficiency rating (EER.) Matching the system with your home ensures that you don’t have to push the unit beyond its efficiency limits to cover the entire property will give impressive power consumption drops.

While the best HVAC system is the ultimate dream of every homeowner, the fact that such systems are costly forces us to look for other manageable and viable options.

The best shot at keeping your utility bills at the possible lowest without sacrificing comfort is by investing in a good thermostat and using it the right way.

Here are a couple of tricks to help you stay at the top of the game without necessarily replacing your entire heating and cooling system.

Make the Right Adjustments

Making simple changes like lowering your thermostat’s ultimate temperature by one degree could save you considerable power in the end. Take the temperatures higher in summer to alleviate the strain on the cooling or lower it in winter to cut the furnace some slack.managing your temperatures

The ideal temperature isn’t always what we want it to be. Cranking up the cooling in summer and wearing warm clothes, or dressing thin during the winter and letting the AC heat you up might be fancy, but it will cost you.

Only Work the System When You Need it

Warming your home on those long summer days when you are away is pointless. Keeping your AC on idle when away will ensure that you only cool the house when you need it. The same should apply during the winter. Only warm the house when you have to.

Get a Smart Thermal Controller

Buying a programmable thermostat that can learn your schedule will keep the amount of work you do in adjusting the heating and programmable thermostat

A programmable temperature controller could hibernate the system and start working a couple of minutes before you come back home. This will ensure that you find your house warmed or cooled to the right temperature regardless of how long the system was on idle.

Check All the Ingress Points

Over 30 percent of your home’s heating or cooling efforts will be lost through bad doors and windows. The cold draft blowing in will force the furnace to work harder. Poorly fitted windows will lower your systems efficiency hence forcing it to spend more energy for the desired result.

Lowering your AC bill via a combination of intelligent heating and cooling, an efficient AC unit and proper home insulation will help you keep your home bearable whilst saving more for other important financial responsibilities. It is a journey every responsible homeowner should be willing to undertake at one point in his or her life.

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Clever Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioning Bills at an All Time Low

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