VINE Smart WiFi Thermostat (TJ 610) Review

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

vine smart thermostat TJ-610The VINE Smart WiFi Thermostat is a smart, easily programmable thermostat that regulates heat in a sophisticated manner. It is automatic and has a 3.5 LCD touch interface.

In addition to its wireless capabilities, it is accessible on a variety of platforms including Android and iOS.

Considering the thermostat operation mechanism is automated, the time also updates itself in line with the international date settings. Overall, this thermostat is pretty straightforward and easy to operate live AcuRite.

At a Glance

The Vine smart thermostat looks tiny and has an irresistible DIY appeal that we’ve all come to attach to smart thermostats like the Honeywell Lyric and Ecobee 3. The display screen sits to the left next to the large easy to operate settings dial.

The slim profile lets the thermostat sit almost anywhere making it the perfect crossbreed between a full-fledged colored touch screen thermostat and a cheap smart wireless thermostat that is fit for a rental apartment or that holiday cabin you won’t be spending a long time in.

A Wi-Fi connection lets you hook up to the internet to access weather reports and predictions whilst handing over control to your mobile phone thanks to the intuitive Android and iOs apps. If you don’t want the remote control powers, you can still use the control dial to change the settings on the Brightcolor LCD resistive touch screen.

A 3 brightness level nightlight sits at the very bottom giving you a cool way to keep the hallway or the area around your thermostat lit up at night.

With up to 8-periods 7 day programming capabilities, the Vine smart thermostat is more than enough to keep your 24V AC systems working optimally and your house cozy and comfortable.

24V AC systems are common in Canada and US. Vine thermostat will work with the standard 1-heat 1-cool systems, heat pumps that have or don’t have emergency heating, and heat or cool only systems. 24V systems are low voltage systems. Don’t hook up the thermostat to line voltage systems as this will spoil it.

Vine thermostat will not work with multi-stage cooling and heating systems.

Vine Smart Thermostat Compatibility Check

vine thermostat compatibility check

Do You Need a C-Wire on the Vine? Well, this is a must. Vine didn’t solve the modern day smart thermostat demand for a C-wire. You will have to run one to use this thermostat. Only people living in older houses using older thermostats end up without a C-wire in their thermostat wiring.

If you have hooked up all the wires and the Vine thermostat doesn’t turn on, chances are that there is no power to your C-Wire. You will need to check your C-Wire connection again.

You can use the compatibility tool on the Vine website to check if your system is compatible before ordering your thermostat.

An alternative to the C-wire problem is hacking the fan wire. If you have a fan wire, hook it up to the thermostat’s C-wire terminal. This means that you have no independent control over the fan. It will go on whenever your AC or heat is on. This is not so good on your system’s efficiency.

Will the Thermostat Work Without Wi-fi?

Yes. The thermostat will still work. You, however, won’t get weather updates, GeoFencing, and control over your smartphone app.

Installation and Getting Started

The installation system will be easy especially if your system is compatible. Problems will kick in when one of the wires you are using isn’t working or you don’t have the elusive C-Wire. The following installation manual video will guide you through.

The Vine Thermostat Smartphone App

The mobile phone app lets you manage the daily programming, override current settings, monitor and get alerts on abnormal temperature settings or leverage the instant Smart Thermostat temperature settings to configure your Vine smart thermostat to a quick generic setting.

The mobile app will also activate GPS geofencing and will activate a specific scheduled program whenever you are approaching the house or leaving your home.

Though impressive, the Vine smart thermostat TJ-610 smartphone app development team is slow to push updates and some bugs, especially after a smartphone OS update, will take a while to be fixed.

A Great Deal at a Reasonable Price

With the Vine Wi-Fi smart thermostat, you are basically within the best wifi thermostat budget buying range. You won’t spend a good sum of money and the features you will be getting are simply phenomenal. You are talking of a compact smart thermostat that gives you granular control over the daily temperature changes for weeks.

Energy efficiency

While at your home or office, you wouldn’t wish to waste a lot of energy and run into huge bills towards the end of the month. Luckily, the smart technology of the VINE thermostat regulates the temperatures at certain minimum levels that end up saving a lot of energy at your home and office.


The best thing with the VINE smart wireless thermostat is that it is Wi-Fi ready and accessibility is not limited to a central location rather its coverage expands it. With a smartphone that has Android or iOS, I can easily adjust the temperature to my liking even if I am a meter away.


Would you want a device that can be changed just to fit your liking? The VINE thermostat can be modified to suit your preferred temperature at the times that you want. For instance, if I would like to experience scorching morning and slightly cooler evenings, all I have to do is program the VINE thermostat and voila.

The Vine is comparable to thermostats like the Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric, the Emerson Sensi, and the Lux Geo.


  • Entry level price with impressive features that outdo the price tag
  • Easy to use controls and mobile app programming
  • Comprehensive 8-period programming gives you absolute control over temperature readings
  • Compact and easy to blend into most interior decor plans
  • Weather broadcasts pushed to the device’s screen
  • Can still work just fine without the Wifi connection
  • Well encrypted to keep unauthorized users from accessing the thermostat


  • The mobile up isn’t updated as often as necessary to avoid bugs and errors that come with changing phone OS frameworks
  • Still doesn’t give an easy solution to the C-wire problem

The VINE Smart WiFi thermostat gives you an A+ performance from a compact and affordable unit. The easy installation and low profile make it an excellent choice to DIY installers or someone who wants a smart thermostat that gets the job done ‘smartly’ without costing an arm and a leg. You can check out what other customers say about the thermostat on Amazon.

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