Why is My Wyze Thermostat Offline?

Why is My Wyze Thermostat Offline?

Why is My Wyze Thermostat Offline?

The Wyze Thermostat works perfectly. Nevertheless, you may experience a few issues while using the device. One of such cases is when your Wyze thermostat suddenly goes offline. If you are experiencing this problem, you’ll want to keep reading as we are going to show how to troubleshoot offline/connection issues in your Wyze thermostat.

Before we discuss how to troubleshoot Wyze thermostat connection issues, you should know why your Wyze thermostat is showing ‘offline’ in the app. Armed with this knowledge, you can prevent your Wyze thermostat from developing connection issues in the future. So let’s dive in!

Why is My Wyze Thermostat Offline

Here are some common reasons your Wyze thermostat may suddenly go offline:

  • The app may be outdated.
  • The batteries in your thermostat need replacement.
  • Unstable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your router is far away from your Wyze thermostat.
  • Your Wyze firmware update may contain bugs.

Now, let’s see how you can resolve these issues yourself.

How to Troubleshoot Wyze Thermostat Offline Issues

So here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get your Wyze thermostat back online:

1. Upgrade Your Wyze App to the Latest Version

Outdated versions of the Wyze thermostat app may contain bugs that Wyze developers have already fixed. And these bugs may disrupt your thermostat’s connection. If your Wyze thermostat keeps going offline, chances are you are using an old Wyze app version, and you may need to upgrade it.

Follow this guide check and upgrade your Wyze app:

  • If you use an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store and enter “Wyze app” in the search bar. You’ll see the Update button beside the Wyze app logo if you don’t have the latest version.
  • Tap “Update” to update your app.
  • iPhone users can find the Wyze app on Apple App Store. Follow the instructions on the screen and update the Wyze app—if there are new updates.

After updating your Wyze app, try reconnecting the thermostat to your router.

If the problem persists, continue to the next step.

2. Replace Your Wyze Thermostat Battery

Your Wyze thermostat may disconnect from your Wi-Fi when the battery is low. If you discover that your battery is low, don’t reconnect the device to the Wi-Fi. Doing this can destroy your sensor.

Instead, get a new Wyze thermostat battery and replace it with the old one.

3. Reboot Your Router

If your Wi-Fi connection is unstable, it’s only natural that your Wyze thermostat will show offline in the app. When this happens, reboot your router to refresh the Wi-Fi connection.

4. Bring Your Router Closer to the Thermostat

The Wi-Fi signal strength of your router decreases the farther it is from your Wyze thermostat. So, your thermostat may disconnect if it is not located in the same room as your router. In addition, certain obstacles like metal objects and walls, can affect the signal strength of your router.

Do you think your router is too far away from your thermostat? If so, bring it closer to the device. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal strength of the router.

5. Modify Your Wi-Fi Security Settings

Some Wi-Fi security settings, such as parental controls or firewalls, may be incompatible with your Wyze thermostat. For instance, activating firewall settings on your Wi-Fi may limit connection to your Wyze thermostat.

Check your Wi-Fi router’s manual to see how to prevent your security settings from affecting your Wyze thermostat connection.

6. Power Cycle Your Thermostat

Certain Wyze firmware versions have bugs that delete connection settings when users install them. If you download a faulty firmware version, your thermostat may go offline.

You can solve this problem by power cycling your Wyze thermostat. To power cycle your thermostat, switch off the breaker for 30 seconds. Then, turn it back on. Your Wyze thermostat should regain its connection after you’ve done this.

7. Factory Reset Your Thermostat

If your thermostat is still disconnected after you’ve tried all the options above, you may need to perform a factory reset on your thermostat. Please note that a factory reset on your Wyze thermostat will delete any settings you’ve made. This means you have to restart the setup process after completing the factory reset.

To reset your Wyze thermostat, press the control button on the device and hold it for about 10 seconds.

If you still experience the offline issue after trying all the troubleshooting tips, try contacting Wyze Customer Support for help.

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Related Questions

Why is My Wyze Thermostat Not Working?

Your Wyze thermostat has always worked properly before now. But today, it won’t even turn on. While other electronic devices seem to run correctly, it doesn’t seem like there is any power in your thermostat. Keep reading to discover how you can resolve this issue.

Did your Wyze thermostat suddenly stop working after running properly for many days? Then, the issue is most likely with your HVAC system or control board. Take the steps below to troubleshoot your Wyze thermostat:

1. Switch off Your HVAC system

Study your thermostat’s wiring to ensure that all wires are secure. Also, examine the wiring at the control to confirm that no wire is falling apart.

2. Switch on the HVAC System

Test the HVAC system. To access the HVAC system test settings, go to the Settings tab on your Wyze app. Then click on Advanced. Under Advanced, select System Test to begin testing your HVAC system.

Once the HVAC system test is complete, your Wyze thermostat should start working correctly.

If your Wyze thermostat still fails to function after you’ve performed the system test, consult your HVAC technician for assistance.

How Does a Wyze Thermostat Work?

Here are some different functions you can perform on the Wyze thermostat:

1. Heating or Cooling a Room

You can use your thermostat to heat or cool a room by turning the dial to select heating or cooling modes. If you want to increase or decrease the temperature, press the dial and turn it again until you achieve your desired temperature.

2. Remote Control

You don’t always have to press the dial to control your thermostat. If you want to activate an option on your thermostat, you can do so via the Wyze app on your phone.

3. Power Saving

Wyze thermostat users have different preferences. While you may want to save power, others prefer to enjoy the maximum comfort that the thermostat provides. With the Wyze app, you can modify your thermostat to save energy or increase comfort.

Take the following steps to reduce the power that your thermostat consumes:

  • To access the power saving settings on your Wyze app, navigate to Behavior Settings. You’ll notice a slider at the bottom of your screen.
  • Adjust the slider towards “Savings” or “Comfort” based on your preferences.

4. Lockable

If you live with a group of people, you might disagree on the level of temperature to set the thermostat at a particular time. The Wyze app lets you lock your thermostat controls to prevent anyone from changing the temperature without your consent.

You can lock your Wyze thermostat by selecting “Auto Switch” on the navigation bar in your Wyze app. Then, click on “Lock Thermostat” on the list of options that appear.