Wimoto CLI001 Climate Control Sensor

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

wimoto climate checkerThermostats do a great job at monitoring internal temperatures, but they are expensive and sometimes hard to install. Remote wireless sensor and weather station combos are formidable, but they will need multiple sensors and a control center to work.

The Wimoto Smart Sensor seeks to eradicate this by giving you one jack-of-all-trades that measures environmental vitals like light intensity, humidity, soil moisture and temperature, ambient temperature and movement. The sensor is so compact and efficient it will run on a single battery for up to 3 years.

While the development of this sensor that draws its funding from Indiegogo.com might have had a couple of hitches, the sensor will be an utter delight once it hits the market. All the monitored temperatures will be directly pushed to your Android, iOS, Linux or Raspberry Pi device.

This makes the Wimoto Smart Sensor a very functional unit that could play a central role in the automated management and system automation especially when hooked to a simple Raspberry Pi automation setup.

You will get a couple of flavors for the sensor depending on how you want to use it.

  • Wimoto Climate/Climote: This is the regular indoor outdoor sensor that will take care of ambient temperature, humidity and light levels. You could use it to supervise your basement, a wine cellar, your kid’s room or simply to gather data for your own cheap home weather station.
  • Wimoto Grow/ Growmote: The Growmote focuses on your plants and perhaps the lawn. It will monitor the soil temperature and moisture hence giving you a hint on when to irrigate your grass or plants and when to turn off the irrigation system. You can also deploy a secondary sensor to monitor light levels especially in a greenhouse setting where artificial lighting is an option.
  • Wimoto Thermo/Thermote: With the Thermote, you can accomplish all the needed non-contact thermometer readings from a distance. The Wimoto Thermo uses infrared light to measure temperature off water and any other object that can emit radiant energy. This is a great way to monitor temperatures on your bath tub and swimming pool.
  • Wimoto Sentry/Securymote: The Securymote has an additional motion sensor that will aalertyou when there is someone in the room. The device also has an accelerometer that can also be used to monitor if the location you attach the sensor to can move. This can be a garage door to check if it’s opening by detecting the motion.
  • Wimoto Water: The last category of the sensor is the Wimoto Water that will be checking water and its current levels. You can use it to monitor flooding basements and even check the water levels in your swimming pool or jaccuzzi.

Have you always wanted to control your temperature to a specific level but you have not yet found a solution? You need not worry anymore. Consider getting a Wimoto CL1001 Climate control sensor. This is a reliable climate smart environment sensor which gives users an opportunity to monitor temperatures, light and humidity levels and relay the information directly to the users’ smartphone, computer or even tablet as long as it is a smart device. However, it needs internet connectivity for it to function appropriately. Furthermore, you can have the updates directly sent to your device whenever you are near. You always get alerts.

Precision Temperature Measurement

The sensor measures temperatures, light levels, and humidity to precision. Temperatures are measured in Celsius or Fahrenheit while the humidity is measured in percentage while the light levels are measured in lux. Once the measurements are taken, it relays the information through Bluetooth. The secret is to have the Bluetooth device with 100 feet radius.

Data Logger

The sensor serves as a data logger whenever no smartphone or device is within range to record the data. This means that it has to log in the collected data at least for a duration of a month. As such, you do not have to worry about recording your data even when you do not have a smartphone device at least for a month’s duration.

Single battery

It is a durable sensor seeing that it runs on a single battery life for at least three years before requiring any replacement. It is also weather resistant which explains why it lasts longer. It integrates with Wimoto cloud cube for continuous and real-time updates as long as there is internet connectivity.


  • It is time specific and real time recorder
  • Long lasting battery life with the battery having 1000 hours.
  • Weather resistance
  • Internet updates thus allowing real time recording


  • Costly since you may need to buy other accessories to go with it
  • Requires internet connection to work optimally


Wimoto CLI001 Climate Control Sensor is life revolutionary.  If you are interested in keeping tabs on your humidity, temperature and light levels then it is the device of choice. You can preorder it on Amazon now for a serious discount once it goes live.

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  1. Dave,

    I think you need to do a little checking before posting the story. Your story says it was updated February 2017. If you look at the Amazon link, they are taking orders… but wimoto still isn’t shipping product. Marc was in car accident, has had health problems and apparently wimoto is now behind schedule.

    I signed up as an early Indiegogo supporter about four years… and haven’t yet seen any of the product shipped. Meanwhile there are now other options available.

    Your story seems to apply that the mote are shipping and available. I do not believe that is the case.

  2. It’s been “available” to buy since January 2014, but still hasn’t shipped. Dave should doing some simple research before recommending vaporware.


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